Planet Type and Atmosphere (SEIV)

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Home planet type

Choosing home planet. Choose Rock planet type (more to colonize). Gas planets fewer but larger and take more skill. Ice bad... Ice cold.... fewer Ice planets. Beginners don't choose None Atmosphere type, choose any other atmosphere type. (Wardad)

A good start is a standard Oxygen/Rock type. Pretty much a classic setup there. You'll have to fight tooth and claw to get suitable planets, but there will be a lot of them. --Kythorak

Uncommon atmosphere

Choosing an uncommon atmosphere type such as Methane or Carbon Dioxide is a good idea, since you will face less competition for breathable planets. (Suicide Junkie)

Especially so in mods like FQM where you're more likely to encounter loads of Methane/CO2/Hydrogen planets. --Kythorak

None atmosphere

Choosing atmosphere of None can be very tempting, since then all those moons out there become breathable. The trade-off is that there are fewer regular planets with no atmosphere, and no gas giant will ever be breathable (since gas giants cannot have no atmosphere, even with an Atmosphere Converter). (Quikngruvn)

Again, with FQM, you're more likely to encounter atmosphereless planets.

And don't even try to start with None/Gas Giant. That just don't work. --Kythorak

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