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Planet Defense

Bases and Satellite Groups are placed around the planet randomly. This means that there's only about a 3 in 8 chance that they will be closer to the attackers than the planet itself. (Capnq)

In combat, a planet will launch any fighters and drones it has in storage when attacked. Fighters will be recovered, but drones will not. A planet will not launch satellites or mines while in combat. (Quikngruvn)The latest history.txt indicates that auto-launching of anti-planet drones will no longer occur after the v1.84 patch.

Early defense options: Build units (mines, fighters, satellites) and use the planet "Launch Units Remotely" button to deploy them from your cargo. Mines are a strong and popular option because they destroy anything your enemy can throw at you- and require your enemy to build minesweepers. Fighters are great, but will eventually be countered by point defense. Weapons Platforms are excellent for early defense, and will frag any early ship or small group of ships because of the benefits of Large Mount. Eventually, weapons platforms will be overwhelmed by enemy fleets, so your best defense against fleets will be fleets of your own. (Stone Mill)

Weapon platforms stored in a planet's cargo area provide the planet's main firepower and defense. See section 8.6 for more on WP's. Other units such as mines (section 8.4), satellites (section 8.7), drones (section 8.5), fighters (section 8.2) can be used also. Troops (section 8.3) will defend against planet capture. Bases (section ________) _________________By design, strong ships or fleets will always be able to overcome a strong planet defense. If it were the other way around, ultimately defenses would get too strong and empires would not be able to expand or take over other empires and the game would be at a stalemate. This basically means that you can't rely on units to adequately defend a planet. A fleet with minesweepers and adequate Point Defense will quickly wipe out mines, satellites, drones and fighters. Usually a fleet is stronger than a collection of Weapon Platforms and Defense Bases also. The best way to defend planets is with ships. Normally this is done by concentrating defenses at warp points instead of planets because it is more efficient and the "defender" at the warp point gets to fire first, and ships begin combat at close range.

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