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Planet Blockades

By positioning ships in the same sector as an enemy's planet, that planet will be blockaded. If there are planets and moons in the sector, they all will be blockaded.

Effects of a blockade

A blockaded planet is prevented from contributing to the empires global pool of minerals, organics, radioactives, research points and intel points. (tbontob, Imperator Fyron , Geoschmo)


Blockaded planets suffer increases in anger from enemy ships in the same sector, which is generally greater than the negative effects of enemy ships in the same system.(Imperator Fyron)

Space Ports

A spaceport on the blockaded planet will still function as usual, so resources from non-blckaded planets in the same system can continue to be contributed to the empire common pool. (tbontob, Imperator Fyron , Geoschmo)


A blockaded planet can still construct stuff, as long as the colony is not rioting due to the enemy ships in orbit. (Quikngruvn)

A Blockading Tactic

Don't waste your frontline ships on blockade duty. Make a specific blockade fleet instead, with only minesweepers, PDC-ships and some minelaying capabilities. They are cheap, and can be built while the main fleet is in training (or retrofitted from antiquated designs). When possible I will use such fleets to blockade enemy planets in frontline systems my main fleet bypass while it strikes for home. Move the blockade fleet to the planet and let the PDC-ships take care of any defensive fighters. Drop a few mines, leave a PDC ship for blockade and move to the next planet. Repeat (use shift-click to hit several planets in the same turn). Be sure to have some extra ships in the system as you will lose some ships to weapon platforms as your lazy blockade captains sometimes let themselves drift into range. Send in the marines to clean up later. Be sure to drop the mines though, as sometimes the planet manages to build a siege breaker (ship or fighters) before rioting. With a few mines in place over all blockaded planets, the damage will be limited to the one planet. Done this a couple of times in games, both against the AI's and against humans, and it works like a breeze. (Primitive)

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