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Plagues are deadly diseases that will rapidly depopulate a planet.

Getting a Plague

There are 2 ways for a planet to get a plague.

  • A planet will be plagued if it gets hit with a Plague Bomb
  • It can be hit by a random event that causes plagues.

Plague Bombs come in 5 levels and can cause plagues of 5 levels; the random event can only cause a level I plague. Plagues do not spread from planet to planet in SEIV.

Effects of a Plague

All plagues (of the same level) are identical; the source is irrelevant. Plagued planets have 0% reproduction rate, and get large happiness penalties each turn they are plagued.

I ran a test on plagues to see how much damage they do. Here are my results of each level over 5 turns:

Level 1 2 3 4 5
11 60 108 178 340
11 60 100 179 321
12 59 109 151 348
10 52 111 154 321
10 58 115 169 323

So, here are some proposed ranges that fit the data I have gathered:
Level 1: 10-15 pop/turn
Level 2: 50-60 pop/turn
Level 3: 100-120 pop/turn
Level 4: 150-180 pop/turn
Level 5: 320-350 pop/turn (Imperator Fyron)


Plagued planets are placed automatically under quarantine. No units or population may be moved from the planet into shipboard cargo until quarantine is lifted.

Curing Plagues

  • The Medical Lab facility can cure plagues. Med lab I will cure level 1 plagues in the same system as the facility, medlab II will cure up to level 2 and medlab III will cure up to level 3. Note that there is no Medlab IV or V in the default game to deal with higher level plagues. Med labs are available only to players who have taken the Organic Manipulation racial trait.
  • Any ship with a Medical Bay component can cure a friendly planet simply by moving into the same sector as the planet. Medical Bays come in five levels. Each level of medical bay will cure a plague of equal or lower level, but have no effect whatsoever on plagues of higher level. The medical bays are availalble to any player who researches Biology and then Medical Technology. Players with this technology available will usually keep a few small, cheap medical ships (outfitted with the fastest propulsion technology available) on standby at convenient locations, where they can quickly reach any afflicted planet.
  • Note that medical labs and medical bays will cure not only your own planets, but those of allied empires. They won't help enemy planets.
  • Note that in simultaneous move games, a plague that strikes a planet already protected by either a medical lab or medical bay will do one turn of damage before being cured.
  • Another way to cure a plague is to avoid getting it in the first place: The mechanoid racial trait provides all your planets with complete immunity from all plagues. The trait costs 1000 racial points.

Uncured plagues

If a plague is allowed to run unchecked to the point where the population has all expired, the plagued planet reverts to uncolonized and may be recolonized by anyone without fear of residual contagion.

Plagues and modding

  • There are two abilities to cure plagues.
    • Medical Bay cures all plagues in the sector. Use Value1 to indicate the maximum plague level to be cured.
    • Plague Prevention - System cures all plagues in the system. Again, Value1 defines the maximum plague level that can be cured
  • The amount and type of damage done by plagues is hardcoded, and therefore cannot be modded in the game's text files.
  • To create a plague-generating weapon, set Weapon Damage Type to Plague Level 1, Plague Level 2 ... Plague Level 5.
  • To alter the likelihood of plagues occuring randomly, change the Planet - Plague event in events.txt
  • note that events.txt mentions a Plague Cured type (which isn't actually used in the default files), which (presumably) might randomly cure some planet that happened to be plagued at the time the event was triggered.
  • It may be possible to create a "cause plague" intel project using the Plague event type.