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Pirates and Ninjas is a mod for Space Empires V which is inspired by Suicide Junkie's venerable Pirates and Nomads mod for Space Empires IV.


In case you're not familiar with the original Pirates and Nomads concept, Pirates and Ninjas is a small addition to Space Empires V (actually to Captain Kwok's Balance Mod), with two main changes - the new racial traits of Pirates and Ninjas. Neither pirates nor ninjas can colonize, but they make up for that (somewhat - playing as a pirate or ninja will be a challenge!) with some unique abilities...


Pirates gain access to Boarding Parties and Tractor Beams from the beginning of the game. (OK, they have to research Space Piracy tech, but that's pretty simple.) This means they can easily capture enemy ships right away, without having to research Military Science. If they do research Ship Capture or Tractor/Repulsor Weapons, though, they will gain added benefit - there are 5 "secret" levels of those components not normally available to an empire! Additionally, Pirates get a Black Market facility, which functions like a spaceport, but it also increases the value of scrapping ships and decreases ship maintenance throughout a star system - since pirates can't colonize and expand their economy, they need another way to fund their war fleets, after all! Pirates also get a Civilian Insignia component which provides very basic cloaking (easily penetrated by tachyon sensors, but good enough for low tech levels) but decreases the ship's defense rating (evasive maneuvers would give it away, of course!) and a Smuggler's Hold component which can store additional resources (minerals, etc.) on board a ship for when the economy gets rough.


Ninjas, on the other hand, are masters of illusion, and gain access to Cloaking Devices (and Tractor Beams - what's a ninja without his trusty grappling hook?) just as early as Pirates gain Boarding Parties. They also get a Poison Needle Gun which is basically a rapid-fire direct fire Toxic Injector (albeit with reduced damage potential per shot)! This means they can sneak up on enemies and cripple their ships in no time flat! Ninjas are known as stealthy hand-to-hand combatants, so their troops can install a Shadow Cloak (armor slots only) which greatly increases the troop unit's defense rating (it even stacks with Small ECM). Finally, Ninjas have a Smoke Bomb component which is basically a reusable storm-creation component which also doubles as a torpedo version of the Weapon Disruptor.


  • Ed Kolis - Created the mod.
  • Captain Kwok - Created the Balance Mod (upon which this mod is based).
  • Suicide Junkie - Created the Pirates & Nomads mod for SE4 (from which this mod draws its inspiration).

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