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PBEM stands for Play by E-Mail and is used to manually transfer files between players and (Simultaneous only) Host.

Sequential PBEM

So far, Sequential non-hotseat games can only be done on PBEM.

  1. Some player (preferably Player One) should set all the settings and get all the empire files from the other players
  2. That player starts the game and processes his/her turn.
  3. When player is done, he/she sends the .gam file to the next player.
  4. The next player processes his/her turn.
  5. Steps 3 and 4 are repeated until the game terminates.

Simultaneous PBEM

Although Simultaneous games can be done on PBEM, they can also be done in TCP/IP or PBW

  1. Host sets settings and should get all empire files so that he/she can start the game.
  2. Host distributes first turn file to all players (this may include himself/herself).
  3. Players send the .plr files to the host for processing.
  4. Host processes the .plr files, which are converted into a .gam file and send the .gam file to all players. If a player did not do his/her turn, the AI takes over for that turn.
  5. Steps 3 and 4 are repeated until the game terminates.

The advantage is that things can be processed at own convience, but the disadvantage can significantly delay all other players.

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