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To change a ship's current orders, use Clear Orders (hotkey Delete) first. (capnq)

Ships must leave fleet to be refit or do specialized functions (use emergency supply, etc.) Actually, you don't have to leave a fleet to build a ship; you just can't access the build screen directly from the fleet. (i.e., when you have the fleet selected on the main screen, the "build queue" icon won't light up). HOWEVER, if you go to the Construction Queues screen, you should be able to find the appropriate spaceyard ship/base in the list and you can add items to the queue from there. I do this for building ringworlds/sphereworlds - not only is it easier on the eyes to have all those ships in a single fleet, if you access the queues from the construction queues screen you can do use multi-add for setting up builds on the plating or cables. (DirectorTsaarx)

Long range scanning. You first must be within the range of your LRS (check the component details for the range for the level of you particular LRS). You must then manually click on an enemy ship in range to scan. You then can click on its components tab or cargo tab, etc. to view it unless it has a Scanner Jammer or Scattering Armor which also blocks LRS's. LRS does not work on planets. The design does not show up in your enemy designs list until you actually get into combat with it so if you really want to keep this info, you must write it down. I reported this to MM as a bug. It is reported as fixed in the latest patch, but not tested.

Mothballing a ship resets its crew experience to 0%.

Don't mothball your last space yard ship in a fleet - you need an active space yard to unmothball.

Scrapped ships and facilities return 30% of resources - this is without any modifiers like a recycling plant. (settings.txt)

"Sweep Mines" can be used if you are in a sector and just had a battle with the enemy and he dropped mines during combat. Using this command would sweep the mines in the sector without having you move to another sector then move back (Shyrka)

To give multiple ships in the same sector the "Sentry" order, shift-left-click them all, then manually left click one of them and give it the "sentry" order. That will put all of the originally selected ships on "Sentry". For some reason, the Sentry button doesn't light up when shift clicking multiple ships.

"Sentry" orders basically has the ship stay at its current location. Ships on "Sentry" duty will be skipped when cycling through ships to give orders so this is a good way to cut down on micromanagement. A ship on "Sentry" duty will automatically clear its "Sentry" order when it detects an enemy ship. In this case, if you had put any additional orders in the ship's order queue, the ship will begin executing the next order(s). In any case, when the "Sentry" order is cleared the ship will then be included in the be included in the ship cycle each turn to receive new orders.

If you want to remove a ship/fleet from the order cycle for the current turn only, a trick is to give it "Move To" orders to its current sector. This will will not cause the ship/fleet to actually do anything or use any supplies. On the next turn, it will again be without orders.

Q: I have a ship/fleet on "Sentry" duty guarding [warp point, planet, etc.]. I just want it to stay there forever on guard duty. Enemy presence is high and the ship/fleet clears its "Sentry" orders each turn. I think it is a great pain to keep giving it new "Sentry" orders each turn! How can I just tell my ship/fleet to STAY there on "Sentry" duty? A: A neat interface trick to overcome this situation is to use different orders instead of "Sentry". Use: "Move To" your current location, then "Repeat orders". Your ship/fleet will stay there forever. It won't expend any supplies unless it goes into combat. It will engage any enemies that enter its sector. When any combat is completed it will keep these orders such that it will never bother you again during ship rotation. It will stay like this until it the end of the game, it gets destroyed, or you manually clear its orders.

The "repeat orders" command can be very useful. I won't go into all the different ways to use it here but I'll cover 2. First for simultaneous games, you launch mines, sats, or fighters from planets automatically by using this command after the first launch. Second, you can automate collection of units. For example you can have every planet in a system making fighters, then using a small/medium transport, you can automate picking up the units from all the planets and dumping them at the largest planet. Then with a larger transport or carrier, you can stop off at the large planet to load full of fighters while it is on its way to the front lines. Most repeatable tasks can be automated this way. You still may need to check in periodically with ships repeating their orders. Occasionally they will stop repeating their orders when they try to load/drop cargo with cargo storage areas that are full.

A: How do I capture more than one planet per turn in simultaneous games? A: Using your Capture Planet Fleet: "attack planet 1, load troops from planet 1, attack planet 2, load troops from planet 2, etc" for orders. Sometimes a fleet gets stuck in the middle of all these orders, but it usually works.

Your exploration ships do not have to stop when entering an unexplored system. You can order them to "move to" a random sector in the system, such as the far side or center, after the "warp" order. The ship will merrily continue on it's way. (Imperator Fyron)

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