Neutral AI Empires (SEIV)

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All neutral AI empires can be identified by the same “bland” looking flag, but each will be of a different color. Neutral empires will not expand out of their home system. However it is possible to see a ship from a neutral AI outside its system if the ship was captured (Crew Insurrection) or given from another empire. If a rioting planet rebels, its new empire will be a neutral with colonists that look like their old empire and breathe the same atmosphere. If successful, Puppet Political Parties could cause the population of a planet to rebel to become a neutral or to become part of the empire which made the PPP attack.

Neutral empires can be created if a rioting planet rebels to form its own empire. This can be “helped along” by using the intelligence project Puppet Political Parties, which can also cause the planet to rebel to become part of your empire.

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