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This is a full completed mod for Starfury! This 'Multiverse Mod' is a fictional continuation of the story "Star Blazers: The Quest for Iscandar". The whole story of Multiverse is divided into many campaigns. Released so far:

  • Campaign 1
  a. Multiverse_1-Enemy_From_Beyond-V1.03
  b. Multiverse_Music-1
  • Campaign 2
  a. Multiverse_2-The_Fourth_Dimension-V1.02
  b. Multiverse_Music-2
  • Campaign 3
  a. Multiverse_3-Space_Pirate_Harlock
  b. Multiverse_Music-3
  • Campaign 4
  a. Multiverse_4-Space_Time_Continuum
  b. Multiverse_Music-4
  • Campaign 5
  a. Multiverse_5-Bird_Of_Prey
  b. Multiverse_Music-5

This is a 3d space action game where you can command a single capital space ship. You can configure most of the items in the ship like weapons, armor, etc. All the action of the game will be in space, but there will be sections of story telling, with a lot of colorful images, that will point you on the right direction as the story develops. On the first two campaigns the player will be able to control the Earth ships including the Argo/Yamato, launch the Black Tiger Fighter Squadron, and even fire the devastating Wave Motion Cannon! As the player progress through the campaigns he will have the oportunity to try new amazing ships like the Arcadia and many more!

The Story

The story takes place after the conclusion of Star Blazers mod: The Quest for Iscandar (campaign 1 & 2):

"Months ago a strange cosmic phenomenon occurred. Some of the dormant warp gates at the Octopus system become active, while others have closed. Earth scientists are puzzled over this occurrence. But Earth was not the first to notice these new gates leading to new sectors. From one of these gates came the "Fazrah" -a hostile warlike race.

The marauding Fazrah started preying on Earth ships on the neutral sectors, especially the defenseless cargo ships that sustained Earth's massive reconstruction program. The 'Earth Defense Force' (EDF) then secured their borders with more patrols and finally managed to build a Starbase near planet Pluto and another one on the Minerva sector. The Fazrah, frustrated by not being able to venture deeper into the rich Earth sectors, called for the help of their allies the "Xiati". The combined forces of these two enemies represent a real challenge to the relative small Earth defense forces. Even thought these races have not formally declared war on Earth, they prey on Earth ships in open space.

In order to gain intelligence on this new treat, the EDF has given Captain Wildstar and his ship the Argo the assignment of investigating the new warp gates and to find where the enemy is coming from."

  (In the mean time) Your orders are to report for duty at the Pluto Starbase.


The Mod features over seventy ships in addition to the original Star Fury ships. Multiverse will allow the player to experience a never before conglomeration of universes all in a single mod. 'Star Blazers' and 'Star Fury' are just two of the six featured universes (can't say more without spoiling the surprise) and all will be interacting with each other for dominance!

Each universe will have its heroes in their famous ships like the Argo/Yamato from Star Blazers. On the same token the forces of evil will have their villains, and this time far more powerful than the terrible Gamilons!

Each campaign will feature different ships for the player to use. Even thought the first campaign will start with the Star Blazers universe, they are not the main focus of the game. The player will get to see the same story unfolds from different point of views (another novel feature). This means that the player will get to play the heroes and even villains from some of the other universes!

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