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Giving a ship orders to move to place X, then before ship reaches X, giving it orders to move to place Y will NOT cancel move to place X. Instead you will now move to place X and then move to place Y! (Taz-in-Space)

Ships will NOT jump to a forbidden system, nor move through it [if given orders to move long distances]. You have to make it move manually [by explicitly ordering the ship to warp into that system]. (TerranC)

If you play a simultaneous game and you have the option "Clear orders when ship enters a system with enemy presence" in "Empire Options" (Found in the Empire Screen which is under the crown symbol) the ships will stop at the warp point they entered the system in if there are enemies there. You may lose several move points this way. (Ruatha)

The difference between "Move to" and "Attack" is only noticeable in simultaneous games (Multiplayer), not in sequential games (One player against the AI). "Move" means your ship is to move to a particular location. If an enemy ship happens to be at that location, you have combat. "Attack" means your ship is to "close" with the enemy for a battle. So, when the enemy moves, your ship adjusts its course to close the distance between the two ships and have combat. (Tbontob, Shyrka)

Under "Empire Options" you can designate "Systems to Avoid". No ship will enter one of these systems unless you order it to go there directly. This means that ships on minister control or if given an order to move multiple systems away, will not go through that system.

Q: Is there any way to tell ships not to clear orders when go through damaging warp point? It's very annoying when there is black hole on the other side of the warp point and the warp point is two squares away from black hole... You can guess what happens, it's impossible to go through that system. A(Baron Munchausen): There is a game setting to not clear orders when encountering enemy ships but I don't know of any setting for getting damaged by 'terrain' features. I think you are stuck with this one.

You can force your ships to take certain routes by blocking sectors by using CTRL+T and marking the sector as a minefield. Then selecting "Avoid minefields" in the Empire Options the ships will avoid that sector. By cleverly placing these markers you may get your ships to pass over your resupply depots without having to explicitly order it for each ship.

In simultaneous games, when entering an unknown system you don't have to just press "Warp" through that unknown worm hole and let the ship stop on the other side. After giving the "warp" order open the unknown system and give the ship a "move to" order and press somewhere in that unknown system where you want the ship to go. Next turn it will warp through and then execute the next order which is to move where you pointed. You are flying blind but usually in the right direction and it will speed up exploration as the ship doesn't have to stop after each worm-hole. (Ruatha)

In simultaneous games, a wonderful tactic to use against entrenched enemy positions is the pincer attack. Split your fleet into two or more groups, and order them to move around to different sides of the target, such as a planet, before moving to attack. Keep the movement chart in mind, and ensure that all the ships arrive on the same day! If you have allies, plan out your invasion ahead of time, and you can attack together with doubly overwhelming firepower.

If you have timed things right, combat will start with the enemy in the middle, and your two forces on either side. Most often, the enemy warships will charge one of your groups, and leave the planet, bases, and unarmed ships completely undefended. This also works well for separating lightly shielded missile ships from tough, short range gunboats. When the gunboats charge in against one of your pincers and the lightly shielded missile ships try to back off to max range, they will be backing right into your second pincer's guns. Kill the paper tigers quickly and then close in on the gunboats. The enemy will have to replace missiles with shields and armor or keep suffering heavy losses; either way, you benefit. (SuicideJunkie)

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