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Mounts allow vehicles to use heavier versions of direct fire weaponry. Typically only usable by larger vehicle types, mounts can increase the range and damage of a weapon, at the cost of increased tonnage space.


New vehicle designs may use weapon mounts only if the size of the vehicle meets the minimum requirement. For example, the stock version of the game requires a minimum ship tonnage of 400kt in order to use Large Weapon Mounts.

If a design meets the minimum tonnage requirements for a mount, then the mount name will appear in the Component Mounts space of the design window. By default, no component mounts will be used; the mount name must be manually selected when creating a new design.

Once the mount name has been selected, the applicable weapons in the Available Components window will be changed. Weapons which can use the mount will be indicated with (Uses Mount) beneath their names. These components can be added to the ship design as normal.

It is possible to mix mounted and non-mounted weapons on the same vehicle design.

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