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Mounts are accessed on the Designs screen on the right-hand side. Mounts generally increase the cost, size and damage rating of weapons. However, mounts can also change range, accuracy or supply usage. They can be restricted to certain components or hull sizes. Some can also be made available after certain techs are researched. ________________________

In the unmodded game, no ship mount will add range to the weapons. There are mounts that extend range for Bases, Weapon Platforms and Satellites.

Mounts that add range will add as follows: example: say your normal mount weapon does 60 50 40 30 20 10. Using the massive weapon platform mount (adds 6 range, 5x damage), the weapon now does 300 300 300 300 300 300 300 250 200 150 100 50 (!) i.e. it takes the range 1 damage, multiplies by 5, then adds this in before the rest of the damage string. This makes those range 8 weapons able to reach out and touch someone at range 14! at 5x damage!! Mounts that extend range usually also increase the chance to hit as well! This increases their effectiveness at longer ranges.

There are none in the unmodded game, but mounts that affect accuracy (only) will do so as follows. The mount modifier adds (or subtracts) from your accuracy after all other modifiers. That includes the Talisman, so a mount with an accuracy penalty can cause your talisman-armed ships to miss! (Suicide Junkie)

Because of damage to cost to size ratios, it is usually best to use the largest mounts available almost all the time. The ship mounts increase damage (and size and cost), the base and weapon platforms increase Damage and Range (and size and cost and sometimes accuracy) which give your planet a distinct advantage against ships. One way to beat mounts are missiles and drones. Missiles have an EXTREME range that are unmatchable by mounted weapons, but get picked off by point defense cannons. Drones are death-on-engines if used carefully as point-defense cannons cannot easily destroy it.

Heavier mounts increase the range and damage of weapons. To use a heavier mount on a design, press the weapon Mounts button on the design screen. The Weapons Report screen also has a Mount button. (Capnq)

Light carriers can use the (H)eavy mount.

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