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This page lists most of the available mods for Starfury.


Most mods require that you have a zip extraction program, such as 7-zip (freeware) or WinRar (shareware) to install them. Once such a program is installed, download the mod file. Most mods require that you extract it to the Campaigns directory where the SF EXE is. (e.g. "C:\Program Files\Strategy First\Malfador Machinations\Starfury\Campaigns").

Loading a Mod

Starfury has a built-in mod launcher. When you create a new game you will be prompted for the campaign to start. Resuming a saved game will automatically load the campaign that was used with the saved game.

Mod Listing

Mod Author Mod Version Game Version
CSY Mod (SF) (home) Challenge Space Yard 0.10 SF 1.17
The Peoples Mod (home) Nemesys 0.40 SF 1.17
P&N-ism (home) SuicideJunkie 1.00 SF 1.17
Star Blazers Mod (home) Campeador 1.40 SF 1.17
Multiverse Mod (home) Campeador 1.03 SF 1.17

Vaporware/Planned Mods

These mods have not yet been released, and probably never will be. Or, they are still in planning. However, feel free to borrow ideas from them for your own mod, or pick up development and put out a release!

  • None yet

Non-Mod Mods

These aren't really mods per se, but they are additions to the game which can be used by mods.

  • None yet

Modding Tools

Modding Reference

  • None yet