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This page lists most of the available mods for Space Empires V.


To install a mod, you will need a zip extraction program, such as 7-zip (freeware) or WinRar (shareware). Once such a program is installed, download the mod file. Then, you need to extract it to the GameTypes folder under the folder where the SEV executable is located (e.g. "C:\Program Files\Strategy First\Malfador Machinations\Space Empires V\GameTypes").

Loading a Mod

Space Empires V has a built-in mod launcher. When you create a new game you will be prompted for the mod to use. Resuming a saved game will automatically load the mod that was used with the saved game.

Mod Listing

When creating a mod article, make sure to follow the appropriate template.

Mod Author Mod Version Game Version
AddOn Mod (SEV) (home) Kuna 1.3 SEV 1.79
Asteroid Colonization Mod (SEV) (home) isopsyco 1.0 SEV 1.77
Athena (SEV) (home) Merthen 0.94 SEV 1.79
Balance Mod (SEV) (home) Captain Kwok 1.20 SEV 1.74+
Battlestar Galactica Mod (SEV) (home) isopsyco 4.3.1 SEV 1.77
Capship Mod (home) Ed Kolis 1.0.0 SEV 1.44
Crimson Concept Mod (SEV) (home) Crimson 0.6.0 SEV 1.79
CSY Mod (SEV) (home) Challenge Space Yard 0.18 SEV 1.71
D2k's Battleworthy Mod (home) D2k204 1.00 SEV 1.44
Dark Nova Mod (home) Bearclaw 5.03 SEV 1.66
Dark UI Mod (home) Raapys 1.07 SEV 1.x
DJAS Mod (home) arthurtuxedo 75+ SEV 1.79
DevnullMod (home) devnullicus 1.00 SEV 1.44
FleetMod (home) Franky007. 1.00 SEV 1.44
FQM (SEV) (home) Fyron Beta 13 SEV 1.66
GID Mod (home) Gideon SEV 1.58
Golden Eclipse (home) Kevin Arisa Beta 1.1 SEV 1.17
Gritty Galaxy Mod (home) Suicide Junkie 1.71 SEV 1.71
Ground Combat Mod (home) Brad Hann 2.16 SEV 1.77
HyperDrive Mod (home) isopsyco 1.0 SEV 1.77
Inter-Related Mod (home) Fallen Haven 0.99b3 SEV 1.33
Junkyard Wars (SEV) (home) se5a 1.0 SEV 1.44
Pirates & Ninjas (home) Ed Kolis 1.0.0 SEV 1.74
Random Research Mod (home) Ed Kolis SEV 1.58
Sky Mod (home) Skyburn 0.55 SEV 1.79
Solar Flare Total Conversion (home) President Elect Shang 0.12-B SEV 1.25
Solar Flare Total Conversion Lite (home) President Elect Shang 0.11-B SEV 1.25
Stellar Warfare Mod (home) Ed Kolis Beta 3 SEV 1.79
SJ's Empire Flag Patch (home) Suicide Junkie 1.0 SEV 1.x
Unnamed's Stock AI mod ([ home]) Unnamed 1.07 SEV 1.63
Proportions Mod (SEV) (home) Heber Magalhaes 1.0 SEV 1.74
Water Planets Mod (home) Daniel Barnhart 1.0 SEV 1.71
WikiMod ([None yet. home]) SEWiki Community, Narf the Mouse, Ilec. 0.0.1 SEV 1.71


Vaporware/Planned Mods

These mods have not yet been released, and probably never will be. Or, they are still in planning. However, feel free to borrow ideas from them for your own mod, or pick up development and put out a release!

Non-Mod Mods

These aren't really mods per se, but they are additions to the game which can be used by mods.

Modding Tools

  • Animation Buddy, a tool for making weapon and shield animations (created by Suicide Junkie)
  • Population Modifier Generator, a tool for creating population modifiers in Settings.txt in either SE4 or SE5 (since they are still not defined by formulas!)
  • SE5 SlotModder, a tool for creating vehicle slot layouts
  • Space Empires V Editor, a flexible GUI that allows easy editing of tech areas, facilities, components (and enhancements), planet sizes, vehicle unit sizes as well as comparison viewers, a formula editor and viewer, and much more!
  • Value at Range Lister, a tool for verifying formulas and calculating weapon damage without having to load up your mod in SE5

Modding Reference