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This page lists most of the available mods for Space Empires IV.


To install a mod, you will need a zip extraction program, such as 7-zip (freeware) or WinRar (shareware). Once such a program is installed, download the mod file. Then, you need to extract it to the folder where the SEIV executable is located (the folder where you installed SEIV, such as "C:\Program Files\Malfador Machinations\Space Empires IV"). If you are installing the TDM-modpack, it needs to be located in a folder such as "TDM-Modpack". Nearly all mods will extract to an appropriate folder by default, so you can extract them to the base SEIV folder and have them set up properly.

Loading a Mod

In the base Space Empires IV folder, there is a text file named Path.txt. This file has one working line:

Using Mod Directory := None

To load Space Empires IV using a mod, simply change "None" in this line to the name of the folder in which the mod is located. For example, if you have the TDM-Modpack installed, you would replace "None" with "TDM-Modpack." The line would then look like this:

Using Mod Directory := TDM-Modpack

Now, save Path.txt and then load up Space Empires IV. It will load the TDM-modpack instead of the default SEIV files.

Alternatively, you can use a Mod Launcher program to load mods. Such programs automatically handle rewriting Path.txt for you when you select the mod from a list and hit the "Play SEIV" button. The also allow you to load up savegames with mods directly, rather than loading up SEIV first and then loading the savegame.

Mod Listing

When creating a mod article, make sure to follow the appropriate template.

Mod Author Mod Version Game Version
Adamant Mod (home) Fyron beta 0.16.09 SEIV 1.94
AI Campaign (home) John L. Sullivan 4.191a SEIV 1.91
Atrocities Star Trek Mod (home) CNCRaymond 2.0 SEIV 1.94
Babylon 5 Mod (home) B5 Mod crew 1.80 SEIV 1.91
Bio-Psych Mod (home) KnidVermicious 1.16 SEIV 1.84+
BOD Mod (home) Gandalph 1.1 SEIV 1.84+
Carrier Battles Mod (home) Suicide Junkie 1.7 SEIV 1.94+
Colony Tech Mod (home) Ed Kolis 1.0.0 SEIV 1.84+
Colony Tech Mod 2 (home) Jon MacLeod 1.01 SEIV 1.91
Complex Mod ([ home]) Azacool89 Alpha SEIV 1.91+
CSY Mod (SEIV) (home) Challenge Space Yard 0.25.2 SEIV 1.93+
CTF Mod (SEIV) (home) Challenge Space Yard 0.41.1 SEIV 1.93+
Dark Horse (home) mvstang 0.6b SEIV 1.84+
Dark Nova 4 (home) bearclaw 4.27 SEIV 1.94
Deathstalker's Gold-D-2 Mod (home) Deathstalker 2.1 SEIV 1.84+
Deathstalkers Mount Mod (home) Deathstalker 1.78 SEIV 1.78+
Design Names Anthology (home) Fyron 1.04 SEIV all
Devnull Mod Gold (home) Rollo et al. 1.80 SEIV 1.94
DMM - Alternate Version (home) Deathstalker 1.0 SEIV 1.78+
Eclipse Mod (home) Kevin Arisa 1.01 SEIV 1.91
Economies of Scale (home) Ed Kolis 1.1.0 SEIV 1.84+
ExMod (home) The Frenchmen 1.9 SEIV 1.91
Expanded Mod (home) Atrocities 1.1 SEIV 1.91
Fantasy Empires Mod (home) Spoon 1.00 SEIV 1.91
Freespace 2 Sound Mod (SEIV) (home) AdmiralMartin 1.00 SEIV 1.91
Fyron's Quadrant Mod Deluxe (home) Fyron 2.10 SEIV 1.91
Fyron's Quadrant Mod Standard (home) Fyron 1.23 SEIV 1.91
Gritty Economics (home) Suicide Junkie 1.13 SEIV 1.91
Ground Empires (home) Cap'n Kyth N/A (concept-planning) SEIV 1.91
Highliner Mod (home) General Woundwort 1.05 SEIV 1.91
Hypermaze (home) Capnq 2.0 SEIV 1.91
Image Modpack (home) Suicide Junkie varies SEIV all
Imperium Verus Mod (home) Jon MacLeod 1.0 SEIV 1.91
Invasion! (home) Combat Wombat Beta 0.52 SEIV 1.91+
Jumpship Mod ([ home]) Ed Kolis unreleased SEIV 1.91+
Low Tech Mod (home) Ed Kolis 1.0.0 SEIV 1.91+
Miner's Guild (home) David E. Gervais 1.701c SEIV 1.84+
Mizendar Galaxy (home) Wydraz 0.91 SEIV 1.84+
MountMod-AJC (home) AJC 5.1 SEIV 1.84+
No AI Mod (home) Geoschmo 1.78 SEIV 1.78
Peace Station Mod (home) Mad Gigerdi 2 0.93 SEIV 1.84+
Pirates and Nomads (home) Suicide Junkie 3.2 SEIV 1.91 or 1.49
Planetary Assault (home) KnidVermicious 0.9 SEIV 1.84+
Proportions Mod (home) PvK 3.05 SEIV 1.91
PvK Balance Mod (home) PvK 1.1 SEIV 1.91
Quad Mod ([ home]) Deathstalker final SEIV 1.60+
Risk Mod (home) Geoschmo 2.0 SEIV 1.91
Rock-Paper-Scissors Mod (home) Suicide Junkie 3 SEIV 1.84+
Shuttlecock Mod (home) Azacool89 1.06 SEIV 1.94+
Simplicity Mod (home) civ2buf 0.99 Alpha SEIV 1.84+
Small Ships Mod (home) Pax 0.1b Beta 2 SEIV 1.84+
Snorky's Mod (home) Snorky 2005-06-27 SEIV 1.91
Space Food Empires (home) Captain Kwok beta SEIV 1.91
Star Control Mod ([ home]) Ed Kolis unreleased SEIV 1.91+
Star Trek Mod (home) Atrocities SEIV 1.95
Star Wars Mod II (home) Andrés Lescano beta SEIV 1.91
Star Wars Rebellion Mod (home) Intimidator beta 1.0 SEIV 1.91
Starfleets Mod (home) Admiral Wunderbar 0.9b SEIV 1.84+
Starscape Mod (home) Shadowstar 11-27-2004 SEIV 1.91
Stellar Relations Mod (home) Intimidator 1.51 SEIV 1.91
Stormcrow Expansion Mod (home) Stormcrow beta SEIV 1.84+
Supernova Mod (home) Arachnid beta SEIV 1.91
Sweet Mod (home) Tesco Samoa 2.1 SEIV 1.91
Tampa_Gamer Sound Mod (home) Tampa_Gamer 1.40 SEIV 1.60+
TDM-Modpack (home) Mephisto 3.60 SEIV 1.91+
TNZ Interface Mod (home) TNZ 1.0.0 SEIV 1.84+
Ultimate Strategies Mod (home) Fyron 1.01.00 SEIV 1.84+
Unmod (home) Suicide Junkie 1.91 SEIV 1.91
Wonders Mod (home) Drakth alpha SEIV 1.91

Vaporware Mods

These mods have not yet been released, and probably never will be. However, feel free to borrow ideas from them for your own mod, or pick up development and put out a release!

Non-Mod Mods

These aren't really mods per se, but they are additions to the game which can be used by mods.

Modding Tools

Modding Reference

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