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Creating a Mod

Every time you create (or install) a mod, you must create a Game Type folder. Game Types are stored in the Space Empires V installation directory in a folder named GameTypes. Each mod has its own folder devoted to its data files. To make a new Game Type, just create a new folder in the GameTypes folder. Once you have created a new folder in GameTypes (preferrably with the same name as your mod), you are ready to begin modding.

Configuring your Mod

Sample mod SE5Logo.bmp file
  1. Edit your Mod Definition File (ModDefinition.txt)
  2. Mod Logo File - The mod must have a logo associated with it. As a quick measure you can copy the SE5Logo.bmp file from the Standard SEV folder. You may modify this file, or even create your own. When modifying or creating the logo, insure that the image is in bitmap format (.bmp), and that the dimensions are 192 X 192.
  3. Create a Folder name Data in your mod directory - This folder will contain all of the files used by your mod.

Modifying Data Files

In general, you will copy the original files (located in your Space Empires v installation directory/Data) to your mod directory. Then you will modify these files. All of the files are plain text documents and easily readable in any plain text editor, such as Notepad. You may opt to use an editor, as well.

Whether or not you use the original data, there are strict file name and formatting requirements. All of your data files must be named and structured according to the original files.

Data Folder Contents

This is the list of files that may be modified (without scripting) to achieve various effects in the game.

Compiled Script Files

These files are compiled forms of scripts. They cannot be modified directly; you must use the script compiler plus a script source file to change them.

Flavor Text Files

These files provide flavor text. They are lists of names to choose in various places in-game. They do not affect the tech tree or game play at all.

Game Map Files

Moddable Files

User Interface Files

Localization Files

These files are provided to create localized versions of the game. Since they are moddable (unlike in the English language version of Space Empires IV Deluxe), they could also be used for total conversion mods, for instance by replacing the three resource types with "ironium", "boranium", and "germanium". However that would require also modifying any data files referencing those strings.