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The way that Space Empires IV loads mods is quite simple. In the folder where the SEIV executable is located (the folder where you installed SEIV), there is a text file called Path.txt. This file has one working line:

Using Mod Directory                                               := None

Mods are located in subfolders of the SEIV folder. To load a mod, simply change "None" in this line to the name of the folder in which the mod is located. For example, if you have the TDM Modpack installed, you would replace "None" with "TDM-Modpack." The line would then look like this:

Using Mod Directory                                               := TDM-Modpack

Now, save Path.txt and then load up SEIV. It will load the TDM mod instead of the default SEIV files.

Illustrates proper mod directory structure.

If you want to make a mod, you will need to create a subfolder under the Space Empires IV folder that is named appropriately, such as Proportions or Pirates&Nomads. When using mods, SEIV first looks in the mod's folder. If the game does not find the files that it needs in there, it will use the ones from the default folders. The only exception is the Data folder. Every file from the Data folder must be present in the mod's Data folder, or SEIV will choke. When creating a mod, you will first need to copy the Data folder from the default folder into the new mod folder. Then, you can begin making alterations. You should never modify the default Data files (except certain lines in Settings.txt that only make cosmetic changes and do not alter game play). Always make your changes in a mod folder.

In most data files, there must be one blank line between all components, facilities, etc. If more lines are placed, the game will stop reading the file and not process any more info from it. Also, there must be one blank line before the first entry. Look in Components.txt to see what I mean. Keep the formatting the same as the default files. Some files, like Settings.txt, do not have extra blank lines. Do not add them.

Pictures for everything are located in the Space Empires IV\Pictures\XXX folders. When a mod is loaded, SEIV will look in the Pictures folder within the mod folder first. If it does not find the required pictures in there, it will look in the default pictures folders. So, it is unnecessary to copy any of the default pictures into your mod. For a good collection of custom pictures, it is recommended that you check out the Image Mod.

Data Folder

Non-moddable Files

These files are purely informational; changing them has no effect.

  1. Abilities.txt (SEIV)

Flavor Text Files

These files provide flavor text. They are lists of names to choose in various places in-game. They do not affect the tech tree at all.

  1. DefaultColonyTypes.txt
  2. DefaultDesignTypes.txt
  3. Demeanors.txt
  4. EmperorNames.txt
  5. EmperorTitles.txt
  6. EmpireNames.txt
  7. EmpireTypes.txt
  8. SystemNames.txt

Moddable Data Files

  1. CompEnhancement.txt (SEIV)
  2. Components.txt (SEIV)
  3. Cultures.txt (SEIV)
  4. DefaultStrategies.txt (SEIV)
  5. Events.txt (SEIV)
  6. Facility.txt (SEIV)
  7. Formations.txt (SEIV)
  8. Happiness.txt (SEIV)
  9. IntelProjects.txt (SEIV)
  10. PlanetSize.txt (SEIV)
  11. QuadrantTypes.txt (SEIV)
  12. RacialTraits.txt (SEIV)
  13. RepairPriorities.txt (SEIV)
  14. SectType.txt (SEIV)
  15. Settings.txt (SEIV)
  16. StellarAbilityTypes.txt (SEIV)
  17. SystemTypes.txt (SEIV)
  18. TechArea.txt (SEIV)
  19. VehicleSize.txt (SEIV)

AI Folder

The AI folder contains the default AI text files. Inside the AI folder are folders for each Minister Style (stock contains Aggressive, Defensive and Neutral), selectable at the empire creation stage. Further, each shipset has its own set of AI files, which will be used when the player selects to "Use Style From Race." This is the selection used for randomly generated AI empires. Either the Minister Style or the Race Style files will be used by the empire during gameplay. Any missing file will be filled in from the Default set.

Moddable AI Files

Each Minister Style or Race folder contains a set of AI files, prefixed with the name of the folder (treated as Racename in these tutorials).

Many of the AI's settings refer to what is called the AI state, an overall setting that tells the AI how to respond to different conditions within the game.

  1. Racename_AI_Anger.txt (SEIV)
  2. Racename_AI_Construction_Facilities.txt (SEIV)
  3. Racename_AI_Construction_Units.txt (SEIV)
  4. Racename_AI_Construction_Vehicles.txt (SEIV)
  5. Racename_AI_DesignCreation.txt (SEIV)
  6. Racename_AI_Fleets.txt (SEIV)
  7. Racename_AI_General.txt (SEIV)
  8. Racename_AI_Planet_Types.txt (SEIV)
  9. Racename_AI_Politics.txt (SEIV)
  10. Racename_AI_Research.txt (SEIV)
  11. Racename_AI_Settings.txt (SEIV)
  12. Racename_AI_Speech.txt (SEIV)
  13. Racename_AI_Strategies.txt (SEIV)

Advanced Mod Concepts

  1. Capturable Racial Techs
  2. Leaky Armor
  3. Leaky Shields
  4. Mount-based Quasi-Newtonian Propulsion
  5. Quasi-Newtonian Propulsion
  6. Space Yard Expansions

External Modding Tutorials