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Misc. Components


Main article: Cloaking (SEIV)

Cloaking devices use large amounts of supplies but with a Quantum Reactor, that doesn't matter.

Stealth Armor on the other hand, does not - but is easily detected. Still, it makes a nice way of hiding ships early on.

Spaceyards/Repair Yards

Main article: Repair Bay (SEIV)

Spaceyard components and supply storage components have less "structure" than "space". This means they are comparatively easier to destroy per kt than normal components. (components.txt) Only 1 spaceyard can be put on a ship or base. You can have as many repair yards as you can fit - cheap Repair Spacestation Bases with 3 Mk3 Repair Bays can really speed up retrofits.


You can't retrofit to add a spaceyard or colony module if the ship didn't already have one before the retrofit.

Emergency Supply

Emergency Supply Pods and Emergency Propulsion can't be repaired with a Repair Bay, they can only be repaired by Spaceyards (on ships or planets).

Component Ordering

The order of components added to a ship does not matter except in the case of weapons, which is discussed later.

Medical Bays

Medical Bays have only one function: to remove plagues. The 5 levels of Medical Bays will remove equivalent level (or lower) plagues. These are rarely used because plagues are rather rare. If they are used, they are best employed on fast ships that visit lots of planets - like population transports.

Detection and Scanning / Scanning Prevention

Long Range Scanners can scan the status and cargo of an un-protected vessel. Useful for getting the low-down on ships you haven't met in combat, or for scanning ships pre-combat.

The Scanner Jammer prevents other empires from seeing your ship designs and cargo using Long Range Scanners. Most players never use these because Scattering Armor provides the same ability - acts as armor and provides a defensive bonus too.


Main article: Supply and Resupply (SEIV)

Solar Collectors are very useful components for Colony Ships and Long-Range vessels. They generate supplies based on the number of stars in the system. No stars = no supplies. Binaries, Trinaries and Quaternaries generate masses of supplies, of course.

Quantum Reactor - perhaps one of the most abused components. It weighs a mere 20kt and generates infinite supplies for the ship it's on. Most mods increase the cost and weight by a large amount, so they require a dedicated ship which fleets will leech supplies off, rather than every ship being infinitely fueled.


Main article: Movement (SEIV)

Solar Sails add extra movement points, unaltered by the number of engines a ship needs to move. You can only have one, and some mods alter them so when fired upon, the ship loses it's sail first.

Cobalt Warheads

Bit of a last ditch, but powerful. When a ship rams another ship, all warheads explode, damaging the rammed ship. Kamikaze attack.


Main article: Self-Destruct Device (SEIV)

A Self-Destruct Device (SSD) provides 2 useful functions. First it prevents the ship it's on from being captured by boarding parties (provided it is not destroyed before the boarding occurs). A SSD does not prevent ship capture by other means (Psychic Allegiance Subverter, or Intel Projects). Second, it allows self-destructing a ship; which may be desired if a ship becomes too damaged, or runs out of supplies/becomes 'lost' thanks to random events and you don't want to keep paying for its maintenance.

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