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Most ministers do a terrible job at managing. One that is not too bad is the population transport minister, although, once you have captured some alien colonists that breathe a different atmosphere, the minister is not smart enough to put them on the correct planets.

Later in the game, the colonization minister is not too bad either, but in the early game colonization is too important to leave to minister control.

If you are playing with the Transport Minister "ON" here is a nice trick. Let's say you have a planet that you want to move population to but the Transport Minister is ignoring it because he is concentrating on another planet that already has a good population but is not full. Simply place a "Mine" tag over the planet/planets you want him to ignore and he will transport to the one/ones with a lower population and no minefield tag over it. Let me qualify this by saying that I'm not sure at what point the Transport Minister will decide to switch to another planet on his own. You must have under "Empire Status" then "Empire Options" a check next to "Ship Movement", "Ships should not move through minefields." Ctrl T adds a tagged minefield. Ctrl R removes a tagged minefield. (Grand Deceiver)

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