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Mines are units in Space Empires IV are used to defend specific sectors of space. These extremely low cost units are most often used in warp point sectors or over planets as a way to impede the movement or attack of enemy ships. These units offer no special abilities or value unless they are deployed in space. Although they do provide hit points to planets when they are stored. Unlike fighters and satellites once a mine is launched it can not be recovered and relaunched in another location.

Some facts about mines

  1. You can self-destruct mines (only after they are launched, obviously).
  2. There is no way in unmodded game to detect mines without running into them.
  3. Mine Sweeper level-X, sweeps X mines of ANY size per component; keep this in mind when making Medium & Large mines.
  4. Mine damage is applied pseudo-randomly to a fleet.
  5. Q: Do cloaked minesweepers automatically decloak to sweep mines?
    A(Sandstig): No!
  6. If you want to increase the number of mines to overwhelm enemies (and sweepers), make small mines, with 1 small warhead to quickly build lots. If you want to increase the damage of mines, use larger mines with more and larger warheads - you will build these slower and use more resources.
  7. If a sector contains your mines and your ship(s), any enemy that moves into the sector engages the mines before your ship(s). The same applies to your planets so seeding a mine field over your planet is a valid form of defense.
  8. A ship/fleet will not move through a known minefield (i.e. a sector that has a minefield tag), even if it has minesweepers, or a restricted system unless it is specifically ordered to do so. This may cause a ship to stop during a long range "move to" order or it may cause a ship/fleet to take another route - possibly a very long route.
  9. Hotkeys: Ctrl + R will allow you to manually remove a minefield indicator and Ctrl + T will allow you to manually add a minefield indicator. (Imperator Fyron)
  10. The default limit for mines in a sector is 100 per empire (settings.txt). This means that every empire can potentially have 100 mines in the same sector. It is customary to make fleets that can sweep 100 mines to be able to clear a given minefield, but this won't protect you from 2 or more allies who heavily mine the same sector. Note that your fleet will not be engaged by mines of an empire that you have a peace treaty with.
  11. Q: What is the order how the mines are swept/exploded? Is it first-laid first-swept?
    A(Baron Munchausen): Apparently mines are destroyed in the order they were deployed, yes.
  12. You cannot recover mines once they are launched. If you want to remove them, the only thing you can do is self-destruct them; Hotkey (G). If you self-destruct them, you must destroy the whole stack; the game won't let you self-destruct a partial stack.
  13. Mines can be researched to 5 levels after first researching Construction. Researching Mines also makes Mine Laying & Mine Sweeping components available. As researching progresses, larger sizes of Mines become available and Mine Laying/Sweeping components get better.
  14. The destructive power of mines can be increased by researching Explosive Warheads.

Side Notes

  1. You can use the Mine Field tagging ability to avoid certain systems. For instance you can tag a warp point into a black hole system to keep your ships from passing through on their way to somewhere else. You can also do this to keep your ships out of systems owned by enemy races.
  2. Mines bypass shields in doing damage. So damage from a mine hit is done to armor first and then components.

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