Master Computer (SEIV)

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Master Computer I-III
Mass: 40 (I), 30 (II), 20 (III)
Prerequisite: Computers I-III
Mineral: 4000
Organic: 1000
Radioactive: 1000
I'm sorry Dave, I can't do that...

The master computer is a component than can replace all Command and Control components on a ship, including the bridge, life support, and crew quarters. The description says it is an AI, but not to worry, a ship with a master computer is no worse (or better) at obeying your commands than a ship manned by living crew.

A ship with a master computer (whether intact or damaged) is immune to attack from the Allegiance Subverter. It can be destroyed by a computer virus. The master computer is not immune to a boarding party, but they must be carrying bootable floppies in addition to antipersonnel guns. The crew insurrection intelligence project can still capture a ship even if it has a master computer.

The master computer may take up more space than the other command and control components, but the mass decreases with later versions of the computer. It is also much more expensive, so maintenance can be a surprise if you decide to build your fleet around them, and its cost does not improve with technology level.

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