Massive Engine Destroying Weapons (SEIV)

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Massive Ionic Disperser
Mass: 100 kT
Prerequisite: Massive Engine Destroying Weapons
Mineral: 2,000
Organic: 0
Radioactive: 500
Weapon stats
Damage: 500
Range: 6
Reload time: 30
Supplies used: 40

Massive Engine Destroying Weapons is a unique technology found in ruins which grants access to the Massive Ionic Disperser. The massive ionic disperser is an anti-ionic beam which disrupts all engine operation by burning out the target's engines. It does enough damage to shut down all enemy engines in one shot. If the enemy ship does not have any source of supplies other than its engines, then this attack will completely disable the ship and prevent even its weapons from firing.

Note that this weapon will damage enemy shields in order to take out engines.


Due to the one-shot nature of the device, it's best used on fast ships intended to deliver a variety of one-shot attacks (like the Massive Shield Depleter) and then stay out of harm's way or simply provide a support role for the remainder of the fight.

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