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Manual (SEV)

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Quadrant Map

This is where the map of the quadrant will be displayed when you click "Generate Map" on the side bar.

Quadrant Type

This is the type of galaxy that you want represented in the game. Each type has different ratios of Black Hole Systems, Asteroid Systems, Storm Systems and Colonizable Systems. The Quadrant Type will also influence how the systems are spread around the quadrant, they can be arranged randomly, in a grid, or even in a spiral.

The Stock game has the following Quadrant Types: Mid-Life, Cluster, Galactic Edge, Spiral Arm, Grid, Ancient and Diamond. Mods such as FQM can add many more types.

Map Options

Quadrant Size

This is the number of systems that will be included in your quadrant. In the stock game, a small quadrant is 10 to 20 systems, a medium quadrant is 30 to 60 systems, and a large quadrant is 60 to 100 systems.

General Options

All Warp Points Connected: Every system will have a warp point connecting it to another system. If this is not checked some systems may be inaccesible until the stellar manipulation technology "Warp Point Creation" is researched and ships utilizing this technology are built..

No Warp Points: No systems will be connected by warp points. No empire will be able to leave its home system until the stellar manipulation technology "Warp Point Creation" is researched and ships utilizing this technology are built.

Warp Points located anywhere in system: The warp points may be located anywhere rather than in the outer few rings of the system as is standard.

Finite Resources: Allows players to have a more realistic game. Instead of having a constant resource stream from a planet, mining will decrease the value of the planet, and eventually make it worthless for mining. If you are playing single player it is advisable not to play with finite resources because the current AI does not handle it well.

Side Bar

Generate Map: Will show you what the current map will look like in the game. If you are unhappy about the look of the quadrant, you can click it again to regenerate.

Starting Positions: Allows you to specify where you and your oponents start. You can click and then mark on the Quadrant Map where you want starting locations to be. You will need to have generated a map before you can do this.

Load Map: Allows you to load a previously generated and saved map for use in your new game.

Save Map: Allows you to save a good map that you have generated for future use.

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