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Manual (SEIV)

0.1 Where can I purchase Space Empires IV?
0.2 Top 20 Newbie Questions
0.3 Top 10 Newbie Mistakes


Thank you for taking the time to read this FAQ. The purpose of this document is to help a new player quickly learn the game and hopefully bring him or her up to the level of an intermediate player. Feel free to update sections, or correct spelling and/or grammar as you read this FAQ.

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Editing the FAQ

Please make entries factual, and based on some testing you have accomplished to minimize hearsay and potentially inaccurate info.

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All pages should have a link back to the Manual (SEIV) at the top of the page, as well as links to both the previous section and the next section. We ask all contributors to use the Manual (SEIV) template when creating new pages for this FAQ.

Original Newbie FAQ Credits

Credits for the original Newbie FAQ are noted here, if not in the original articles themselves:

  • Ruatha
  • Slick
  • Stone Mill

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Original Newbie FAQ by Slick

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