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Each mod is placed into its own directory in the Space Empires IV folder. There are several ways to make SEIV use a mod instead of the stock files:


You will need to point this to the name of the mod for it to be played by SEIV.


Find the line similar below

Using Mod Directory := None

Change it to the subdirectory you want to launch. Example below.

Using Mod Directory := TDM-Modpack

Matryx Mod Launcher

Program can automatically point Path.txt to the name of any non-obsolete mod. Can also load game saves.

Fyron's Mod Launcher

This program is not as restrictive as that of Matryx's. It is resizeable, has a wider box for descriptions, and groups saves into trees.

SE4 Companion

Another mod-management program, with many more functions besides. Perhaps not quite as stable as Matryx or Fyron's launchers.

Command Lines

Launch SEIV using command line options. Instructions are in the version history page, under Version 1.39

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