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Maintenance is the charge you pay to maintain and repair your operational ships. The default Maintenance on your ships is 25% (settings.txt). Maintenance is deducted from your empire resource pool each turn before construction happens. You can decrease maintenance by increasing the Maintenance Aptitude characteristic or choosing a Cultural modifier that reduces maintenance. There is a hard coded minimum maintenance of 5%.

If unable to pay the maintenance, first any construction queues will not be accomplished. If the deficit is high enough, ships will automatically be abandoned to pay for the shortage. The AI will probably NOT choose wisely in abandoning your ships.

Things to do when maintenance is too high: place construction queues on hold, mothball ships, increase production (more facilities, increase happiness, remote mine, etc), scrap ships as a Last resort. Remember that mothballing a ship will reset its experience to 0% but it will inactivate the ship and eliminate any of its maintenance costs until it is mothballed.

You can see how much you are paying for ship maintenance each turn by looking in your Empire Status _____________ or your Ships ______________ report. When selecting an individual ship, the right panel shows its individual maintenance cost. In the Ships ______________ report, you can view/sort ships by maintenance amount.

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