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Welcome to the Space Empires Wiki

This is your one-stop-shop for all your Space Empires information on guides, strategies, manuals, mods (and their guides, manuals, strategies, etc), links, references, and more!

Please visit the SEWiki Project page to learn more about this project. We also ask that you visit the discussion pages of any page you are editing first, before you start editing, just in case you may be stepping on other people's toes. Please use the SEWiki template when creating new articles. Thanks for visiting, and let's start filling this thing up!

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The database for SEWiki was lost due to corruption in August 2015. Due to a series of unfortunate events, our latest working backup was from August 21, 2011. We have restored the SEWiki database to the state it was in. Given that the rate of edits on this wiki has been very low for the past few years, this represents a relatively small amount of data loss.
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