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The Low Tech Mod is a mod currently being worked on by Ed Kolis for Space Empires IV. It is inspired by several other mods, notably the Grit Tech Mod, Carrier Battles, and GritEcon. The theme in this mod is to keep most technology reasonably based in reality and the rest really expensive to research.

Download the latest version of the mod here: [1]

Features (and misfeatures, and a few not yet implemented features) of the mod include:

  • Build cost of ships increases at a greater rate than their tonnage, and the primary cost of the hull is in organics; components use a mix of resources.
  • Only 4 types of units (besides ships and bases): Mines, Troops, Fighters, and Bunkers (unarmed, heavily armored Weapons Platforms). (Satellites and drones are just too quirky!)
  • Pretty much everything is templatized to 3, 5, or 10 levels.
  • "High tech" stuff really is expensive to research - or just removed - no more breezing through Warp Weapons, or using stellar manipulation at all!
  • Max trade percentage reduced to 10% in order to prevent uber alliances.
  • Angry and unhappy planets work slower than in stock, but rioting planets work at 10% rate instead of not at all.
  • Spread out the to-hit chances ala GritEcon: 60% chance at range 1, decreasing to 3% at range 20.
  • New variation on the Colony Tech Mod, borrowing somewhat from Proportions: the basic "natives" colonization techs give only a useless "prototype" component; you must research the appropriate advanced tech to actually get useful colony modules. You can even research other "natives" techs (i.e. adapt your species) once you research enough Biology tech!
  • Split propulsion tech area into four areas, one for each type of engine (which have been renamed to grittier sounding techs). Each engine type has its own advantages and disadvantages: chemical engines are cheap but slow, ion engines use few supplies, cold-fusion engines are fast but cost lots of radioactives, and antimatter engines are really fast but just plain expensive!
  • Removed multiplex tracking. What use is it in a gritty mod where ships survive multiple turns of combat? Aux Control does give multiplex level 2, but it also provides a 10% maintenance penalty, due to the increased logistical complexity of a ship with two command nodes!
  • Split armor into four areas, one for each type.
  • There are now three sizes of emissive armor.
  • There are now three types of shields: deflectors (leaky), energy shields (blocks energy weapons only), and solid shields (similar to stock but far more expensive to research and build).
  • There are now only two types of sensors: active and passive. Active sensors foil Cloaking Devices, while passive sensors foil Stealth Armor. Either type of sensor can be used to detect mines. Active sensors provide an offense bonus, but also a penalty to defense!
  • ECM is also effective against missiles; it is capable of launching a single chaff charge once per combat.
  • Master computers work like in CBmod: they simply replace LS/CQ components. (As of v0.3.2, they no longer are vulnerable to crew-killing weapons.)
  • Fighters can no longer move outside of combat.
  • Robo-Miners are now Orbital Mining Teams, and as such cost lots of organics and are much larger and limited to one per vehicle - on the other hand, they can mine faster than an equivalent tonnage of stock Robo-Miners to make up for their value depletion.
  • Research can now be done on ships and bases, but the deep-space labs increase vehicle maintenance cost. They also have the boarding defense ability, mainly so they can be killed by crew-killing weapons - this is not Half-Life!
  • Applied Intel is split into 4 tech areas: Intelligence (for the facilities), Espionage, Sabotage, and Interference, much like in Eclipse Mod.
  • Weapons will be gridded, similar but not identically to the way they were supposed to be done in GritEcon: instead of having a "Phased Polaron Beam" tech branching off of the combination of Phased Energy 1 and Beams 1, you simply get PPB's of a level equal to your minimal level in either of the techs, e.g. if you have level 4 Phased Energy but only level 2 Beams, then you get a level 2 Phasor Beam.
  • Complete list of weapon chassis (note: not all chassis can be applied to all techs): Beams, Missiles, Projectiles, Warheads, Bombs.
  • Complete list of weapon techs: Kinetic, Chemical, Nuclear, Phased Energy, Point Defense, Shield Damaging, Tractor/Repulser, Weapon Overloading, Engine Overloading, Warp, Biological, Computer, Zero-Point Energy.
  • Scale mounts required for scattering/stealth/emissive armor, cloaking devices, and any other components that might need them.
  • QNP, of course!

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