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Manual (SEV)

Main System Screen
Function Shortcut Notes
Game Menu Shft-M or Esc
Vehicle Design Shft-D
Systems List Shft-X
Planets List Shft-P
Colonies List Shft-C
Ships List Shft-S
Construction Queues Shft-Q
Research Shft_R
Intelligence Shft-I
Empires Shft-E
Empire Options Shft-O
Log Shft-L
Help Shft-H
End Turn F12
Next Ship Space Can be set to skip fleeted ships
Prev Ship PgUp
Next Colony Del
Prev Colony Ins
Next Fleet End
Prev Fleet Home
Show Names - on keyboard, not num pad
Minimap Enlarge toggle =
Select All Shft-] Selects all items in current hex
Select None Shft-[
Back to List Shft-Backspace Step out of examining one thing in a hex of several things
Sector View Shft-Enter
Item Report Shft-Space
System Report Shft-/
Toggle Overhead View F4
Center View F5
Move To M
Warp W
Goto Waypoint Ctrl-W
Attack A
Colonize C
Explore E
Set Construction Queue Q
Launch Units Remotely Ctrl-]
Recover Units Remotely Ctrl-[
Repair at Nearest R
Resupply at Nearest S
Transfer Cargo T
Jettison Cargo Ctrl-J
Launch/Recover Units L
Fleet Transfer F
Rename N
Repeat Orders P
Cancel Orders Backspace
View Orders V
Toggle Minister Control Ctrl-T
Set Strategy G
Set Formation Ctrl-M
Toggle Minefield Marker Ctrl-Space
Toggle Avoid System Shft-.
Set Warp Transit Sequence Shft-,
Set Colony Type ;
Join Fleet Ctrl-V
Patrol Ctrl-P
Sentry Y
Survey System /
Movement Log - Play ]
Movement Log - Pause \
Movement Log - Stop '
Cloak Z
Decloak X
Sweep Mines B
Fold Space Ctrl-L No function as of the demo build.

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