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By default, Space Empires IV uses the following controls:

Tactical controls

Key Effect Notes
Shift + click Add ship to selection Allows you to select multiple ships for movement in the list section of the Main Window.
Shift + A Select all ships in the ship list.
M MoveTo
W Warp
Alt + 0-9 Set Waypoint # in sector
Ctrl + 0-9 Move to Waypoint #
C Colonize
A Attack
S Resupply
R Repair
Backspace / Del Clear Orders
Q Set Build Queue
T Cargo Transfer
U Launch/Recover Units
L Load Cargo
D Drop Cargo
I Launch Units Remotely
O Recover Units Remotely
Y Sentry
E Explore
P Set Patrol
K Repeat Orders
B Stellar Manipulations
V View Orders
G Scrap / Analyze / Mothball
H Change Formation / Strategy
N Change Name
J Jettison Cargo
Z Cloak
X Decloak
Ctrl + M Sweep Mines
Ctrl + T Add Tagged Minefield
Ctrl + R Remove Tagged Minefield
Ctrl + A Abandon Planet
Ctrl + V Convert Resources
F1 Help
F2 Game Menu
F3 Designs
F4 Planets
F5 Colonies
F6 Ships / Units
F7 Construction Queues
F8 Research
F9 Empires
F10 Log
F11 Empire Status
F12 End Turn
Spacebar / Ctrl + N Next Ship
Ctrl + B Previous Ship
Ctrl + F Next Fleet
Ctrl + D Previous Fleet
Ctrl + C Next Colony
Ctrl + X Previous Colony
Ctrl + P Phase Replay Full
Ctrl + O Phase Replay Reload
Ctrl + I Phase Replay Single Step
Ctrl + U Phase Replay Follow Ship
Ctrl + L Toggle: Show Ship Movement Lines
Ctrl + S Toggle: Sound
Ctrl + H Show the Tutorial / Scenario Window

Combat controls

Key Effect Notes
Alt + 0-9 Set Group # Leader
Ctrl + 0-9 Set Group # member
L Launch Units
T Drop Troops
R Ram Ship
C Capture Ship
Spacebar / Ctrl + N Next Ship With Movement
Ctrl + B Previous Ship With Movement
Ctrl + F Next Ship Which Can Fire
Ctrl + D Previous Ship Which Can Fire
Shift + A Select All Available Weapons.
Shift + C Clear All Selected Weapons.