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You can keep track of system notes, a notepad in the game where you can enter any text information regarding the different systems, right click on the galaxy screen in the lower left of the screen, left-click on a system and enter your info. Do this to get away from the "clipboard" tracking system, although this may not be detailed enough for large and complex games. You can add carriage returns in the notes window by using CTRL-M.

During each turn, you should carefully go through the events log to keep informed of and take action on any new events that occurred during the turn.

I keep at least 1 mothballed destroyer "ambulance" always retrofitted to be the fastest and longest range with the latest medical bay. If you wait to build one after you get a plague, it takes too long. I build this ship at an early convenient central SY even if I don't have medical tech yet, and retrofit later.

You can automate some of your empire by using ministers, having ships repeat their orders, using patrols, and using repeat build commands. Beware that you should periodically check in on these because the AI is not very good at doing things.

A good way to find and keep track of which planets have ruins on them is to use the Planets report and click on "Special". This report also is good to keep track of which planets you have (and have not) colony ships en route to.

Q: I only have about 5 planets with a ship yard on them. The problem is remembering which ones have a ship yard and picking them out of the colonies report menu. I realize I could write them down, but I was wondering if there's a way to view only colonies with a specific facility? When you have say 30 colonies and only 5 ship producers its quite difficult to pick them out you see.

A1(Atrocities): You name your planets with shipyards on them, or


  1. Click on the Minister icon (The Crown)
  2. Click the EMPIRE OPTIONS Tab at the top right
  3. Scroll down to SYSTEM DISPLAY.
  4. Check the 6th line down "Show Resupply Depots (R), Spaceports (S), and planetary Spaceyards (SY)
  5. Click CLOSE
  6. Click CLOSE [Editor's Note: Facility tags won't show up if the facility is on a moon. This has been reported to MM.]

A3(capnq): Click the Status button on the Colonies report. The shipyard planets will have a shipyard icon.

A4(Puke): Go to the construction menu, and only select planetary SYs, and not planets.

Q: If I ever get another empire to surrender, how do I make sure I adjusted all his planets?

A: Bring up your Colonies report and first sort by Name, then click the Races tab on the right. You will see all the systems sorted in order and the races are shown. It's now easy to pick the newly acquired planets out. Click on them to modify.

This one I learned from Roanon. If you want to have a built-in reminder on a given planet when a build queue is done, such as you just finished building all your miner-II's (because they can be built in 1 turn) and now you want to upgrade to miner-III's, you can do this. First create a dummy ship/unit of some kind. I like to use a small mine, but it doesn't matter. Just make sure you name it with your reminder as its name such as "*upgrade". Make sure you use a * as the first character (or other character which is alphabetized before the letter A). Now, each turn, review your construction queue and click the column header on the right. This will sort the list alphabetically by the names of the things under construction. Queues with the * as a starting character will be at the top of the list and you conveniently can see all your construction queues which need action. Just delete the dummy unit and issue the next order.

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