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Kilotons, abbreviated kT, are the standard unit of measurement in Space Empires. Whether it is used to measure mass or volume is unclear. They are used in every possible situation, even when it makes absolutely no sense. For instance, a heavy-mount anti-proton beam in SE4 takes up 60kT of hull space, has 90kT of structure (hitpoints), and does a varying number of kT of damage! One thousand kilotons are referred to as a megaton, which is abbreviated (oddly enough) mT, even though that should mean milliton (which if you're using metric tons would be equivalent to a kilogram) and the "proper" abbreviation is MT. One thousand megatons are referred to as a gigaton, though this unit is rarely used and is not mentioned in the game itself. If you even think of using a "teraton" you must have a heck of a lot of starliners in your Proportions game! ;-)