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Jraenar Flag

Jraenar Race Portrait

The Jraenar Imperium are one of the standard races from the Space Empires series. They appeared in Space Empires III, in Space Empires IV and in Space Empires V.

The Jraenar are big, red, aggressive reptiles. They live on rock hydrogen worlds. References to Barney the dinosaur are likely to get your homeworld glassed

The Jraenar set tends to be popular with players because the ship layouts are not unlike the ships from Star Trek's Federation. (I.E. USS Enterprise)

In Space Empires IV, the Jraenar are a Peacefully happy race with an Aggressive demeanor, lead by Master General Jar-Nolath. By default they use the 'scandina.txt' design name file. Descriptions are as follows:

Biological Description: The Jraenar are bi-pedal reptiles which stand about 2 meters high. Highly intelligent and resourceful, the Jraenar are known for their crafty nature and military prowess. A Jraenar prefers a temperature of approximately 100C and has a normal lifespan of 60 years.

Society Description: The Jraenar society is organized in a heirarchy from the Master General on down to the lowly workers. All members of the society are considered valuable, and each serves to promote the interest of their species. Though they have never changed their hardworking nature, they are now devoted mainly to a military expansionist philosophy.

General History: The Jraenar were originally a quiet hard working race which didn't have must interest in the outside galaxy. But after a number of wars and the rise of the first Master General, the Jraenar entered into an aggressive military expansion phase.

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Four recoloured versions of the Jraenar shipset have appeared on PBW, uploaded by Prophet:

The Jraenar have shipsets in both SEIII and SEV. See Jraenar for details.