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There are numerous ways to improve and modify a system that you control. The first and most obvious way is to improve each planet within it, as outlined in section 4.11.

System-wide abilities

One of the simplest ways to improve your system is to build facilities that grant system-wide abilities. Note that only facilities can grant these in the unmodded game.

There are numerous system-wide abilities to choose from, although many of them can only be accessed by players using racial technology. If you don't have the racial tech needed to build what you want, you might consider giving temporary control of a planet to a (highly) trusted ally who is able to build it for you. If you capture a planet that contains facilties you can't build, think hard before scrapping them.

The facilities with system-wide abilities available in the unmodded game are listed below. Note that modded games may not have these facilities, or may give the abilites to different facilities.

Static defences

Bases cost little to maintain, and mines/ satellites cost nothing. They can be very valuable in strengthening your system's defences.

  • Place mines on warp points, over planets and stars (to defend against star-destroying weapons) and on any other sector likely to be used by the enemy.
  • Build satellites or bases with long range scanners and cloak-defeating sensors, and scatter them throughout the system so that you can get a good look at any ship that enters your territory. Cloak them for added security.
  • Build bases with construction yards and/or repair components over your planets to help you prepare for (and recover from) battle.
  • Put heavily-armed bases and satellites on warp points to destroy any uninvited guests.

Stellar Manipulation

A more expensive way to boost the potential of a system is to use stellar manipulation:

  • Convert any asteroid fields in the system to planets and colonise them.
  • Convert the star(s) in the system to ringworlds or sphereworlds. This will generate a massive amount of new real-estate for you to exploit. It will also protect your system from star-destroying events and weapons. See FAQ 4.9 (SEIV) for more details.
  • Rearrange the system's warp points into a more convenient configuration. You may want to group warp points together so that ships can pass through the system quickly, or focus them all on a single, heavily-defended sector.
  • Build a system gravitational shield or use the 10 warp point limit to prevent your enemies from launching surprise attacks.
  • Destroy any storms that are inconvenient to you. (Opaque storms may hide enemies, for instance.)
  • Create new storms to help you with your defence: damaging storms create an obstacle to an enemy, shield or sensor inhibitting storms may benefit you in combat you if you don't rely on those technologies, and opaque storms can hide entire planets!

See also section 9.4

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