Improving and Modifying Planets (SEV)

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After you have been playing for a while, you may gain access to the Planet Improvement Technology. This technology is a boon to long games as it allows you to improve the colonies that you already have, making them even more beneficial for your empire. Planet Utilization gives access to 3 facilities that, when built, will improve your planet over time. Time, until this technology is fully researched, often means many years. Despite how long it may take to improve a colony with these facilities, it is often still worth the temporary sacrifice in facility space.

  • Climate Control Facility - Improves the planetary condition making it more hospitable to your people. The best condition a planet can have is Optimal.
  • Value Improvement Plant - Increases the planet resource value of all of your resources, thus increasing the resource yield of your colony, to a maximum of 250%.
  • Atmospheric Modification Plant - Alters the atmosphere of a planet from one that is non-breathable to one that is breathable by your population (when you first get this facility, it will take 10 years). This will remove the necessity for the colony to be domed and when completed your facility space and maximum population on the colony will increase by 4 times. Needless to say that this has a more significant impact on larger worlds than on smaller ones, but is still beneficial even there.


  • Once you decide to improve your colonies, it is a long term commitment. The easiest way to expedite the process is to research Planet Utilization fully and upgrade your facilities.
  • Multiple Climate Control Facilities will work more quickly on the same Colony. This is not true for Atmospheric Modification Plants.
  • Once a facility is done improving a planet, you may scrap the facility. Unless an event occurs that changes your planets, the changes are permanent.
  • When Planet Utilization is fully researched, the Atmospheric Modification Plant will only take 1/2 a year to complete.
  • Unlike Climate Control Facilities amd Value Improvement Plants, it is advised to not upgrade Atmospheric Modification Plants unless there is a significant decrease in the amount of time required to completion.