Improving and Modifying Planets (SEIV)

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Improving & Modifying Planets

There are several things you can do to improve your planets. Most of these involve building some kind of improvement facility. Researching Planetary Engineering and then Planet Utilization gives you access to different facilities that will improve planet value, planet conditions, or even change the atmosphere to make it breathable.

Building a Spaceyard will improve your planet's construction rate and allow building ships and bases.

Research in the different areas of the different resources will give you access to improved versions of the resource collection facilities and at high research levels will give you access to facilities that will improve all resource collection on the planet. Researching Industry then Computers will give you access to facilities which will improve resource collection for an entire system.

Using population that breathes the planet's atmosphere will "undome" the planet and give you more room for facilities and cargo. See also sections 4.7 and 4.10.

You can protect a planet by building various units (see section 8.0) or bases (see section 5.12). Building a Spaceyard Base is a good way to build defensive ships and units while allowing the spaceyard on the planet continue to build facilites. ___________ planet shields _____________ cargo facility -> wp's on moons.

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