Happiness Types (SEIV)

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Happiness is increased by constructing ships (especially in system), peace treaties, winning battles (especially in system), troops, colonizing. Decreased by losing ships (especially in system) enemy presence in system, losing planets, population killed, wars, amount of time at war. (Peaceful is regarded as the best type to play).


Similar to peaceful, but happiness is increased by wars, and decreased by establishing peace treaties.


Dislike treaties of any kind; except non- (regarded as the absolute worst type to play). (Stone Mill) Just about everything makes neutral empires unhappy. If you choose Neutral, you should have a good plan for keeping your population happy.

Although actions may be detrimental to their happiness in general, they do have a higher natural decrease of -5 rather than the -2 of the other two happiness types. This still often does not justify playing this way, except perhaps for role playing reasons. (B McLean)

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