Growing Your Empire (SEIV)

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The following are some things that you can do to enhance your empire growth:

In the early game, expand quickly. _______________ see also section

Try to acquire other colonization techs as early as possible. This allows you to "expand internally" by colonizing more planets within your borders. Beg, borrow, buy, steal or research them before your opponents to gain a significant advantage. _______________ see also section

_________________ Keep an eye on your reproduction rates on your planets. Keep your population happy (see section _________________) and improve your planet conditions (see section ______________) to improve your reproduction rates on each planet. See also section 4.7.1.

Build Population Transports to move your population out of planets that are full to planets that are nearly empty. This allows your previously full planets to continue breeding population since a full planet won't make any more population for you. This also raises production and construction rates on all your planets. _______________ see also section Use caution in not lowering populations too low. Small transports are fine for this since larger transports can really drain a planet of its population. Small transports can also be put on "repeat orders" with less of a risk of completely draining a planet. A rough rule of thumb: a good number of population transports is about 1 per system in your empire. In between moving population around, these transports can be used to ferry units around too.

Try to acquire "other breathing" population as early as possible. This allows you to use your Population Transports to "expand internally" by moving these new colonists to the your colonies with the proper atmosphere and "undoming" the planet. This effectively increases a planet's facility slots, cargo and population capacity by a factor of 5! Cliche: Beg, borrow, buy or steal them before your opponents to gain a significant advantage. _______________ see also section and section _________________ to keep these colonists happy. Once you get your hands on other-breathing population, guard them well until you can move them to the safety of your protected systems. Once there, have your Population Transports start distributing them to the proper planets.

Trade. Aside from the things mentioned above, trading for things can save you time and research points. _________________ , comm channels, ...

Anything that makes your opponent(s) weaker or smaller will effectively make your empire larger in comparison. There are some friendly and not-so-friendly ways to accomplish this _________________

Improving planets _________________ (See section 4.11)

________maybe move this to the next section ____________ If a planet is dedicated to producing resources, its output can be drastically increased by building the resource bonus facilities. For individual planets: Mineral Scanners will improve mineral production. Hybrid Eco-Farms will improve organic production. Radioactives Colliders will improve radioactives production. Robotoid Factories will improve mineral, organic and radioactives production, but not as efficiently as the dedicated facilities. Central Computer Complexes will improve research production. Citizen Databanks will improve intelligence production.

For each of the facilities listed in above, there is a higher version available that improves production for the entire system. And these facilities stack with the planetary ones.

increasing spaceyards (bsy's) _________________ exploration _________________

Remote mining_________________ See also section 4.6.

Creating planets out of asteroids. See also section 9.5.1. _________________ cross reference each.

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