Ground Combat General (SEIV)

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Ground Combat

Only 2 empires can compete in ground combat at a time; this will be the defender and the first attacker to drop troops on the planet. If a 3rd empire has a troop transport in space combat, he is locked out when ground combat is in progress.

Weapon Platforms

Weapon Platforms will not attack troops and don't participate in ground combat.


Ground combat lasts 10 rounds. If combat is not resolved in 10 rounds, it will continue on the next game turn. Either side can drop re-inforcements in the meantime to initiate another instance of combat. If there are any surviving invading troops, no planetary militia will be regenerated. If half of the militia is killed in the first wave, only half of the possible militia will be present in the second wave. However, if all of the invading troops are killed, the next invasion will face a 100% strength militia force.

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