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Gritty Galaxy Mod is the evolution of Carrier Battles Mod and Gritty Economics, merged into one and ported to Space Empires V.


On the Gritty Economics side, the three resources are considered more as Metal, Workers/Food, and Energy. Facilities which produce a resource often use up the other resources in maintenance. For example, a Mine will produce metal but chew up workers/food doing it. Greenhouses produce food even on low quality planets, but require plenty of energy to operate (less in multi-star systems). And Fission power plants require uranium metal from the mines.

Ship hulls are all available from the start of the game, but all of them are useful. The biggest reason for that is the GritEcon cost/maintenance system. The build time for a ship is proportional to size squared, while the maintenance for a large ship is almost the same as a small ship. Thus, while a homeworld can build over twenty 45kt scouts in one month, and takes 2 months to build a 300kt dreadnought, over the long term, an empire might be able to support either 30 scouts or 25 dreads.

Peacetime allows for slower shipbuilding and thus larger hulls, while heated wars require smaller ships in order to replace losses.

Many of the combat mechanics on the other hand, come from Carrier Battles mod. With the basic four direct fire guns, and five size mounts (from 20mm to 100mm), plus a variety of missile sizes. Animations and effects have been given a lot of work, as can be seen in this screenshot. Gritty Galaxy Spacebattle (316kb)

Missiles, short and long Direct Fire, and fighters are all viable weapons.

Mod Features

Some interesting new features made possible by SE5's new physics include:

Exponential Leaky Shielding

Each "Shield" component absorbs between 5% and 15% of the incoming damage, and they can be stacked together. Five shields each rated at 10% will combine to block 1-(0.9^5) = 41% of the incoming damage.

Directional Armor

Each Armor component is actually just a durable internal. By placing them strategically around the outside of your ship, they will get hit first if the enemy hits you on that side. Care must be taken to cover all four directions with adequate armor, keeping in mind that the ship's strategy (will your ship run away, charge, or circle at max range?) will affect where the weapons fire is concentrated.

Planetary Pollution

Building toxic industries on your planet will drive the conditions downwards, while building environmentally friendly farms and weather control facilities will help improve conditions. Planets with naturally high organics value will rebound towards good conditions if they are left alone, while planets with naturally high radioactives value will degrade over time.

Exponential Build Time

Very Large hulls are available right from the beginning, but doubling the size of your hull will quadruple its build cost. If you have very little time to replace your losses, you can get more tonnage into space by building tiny ships. However, maintenance reduction increases with ship size, so the price you pay to maintain those small ships is almost as much as you pay to maintain the large ones. If you have lots of time to build, you can maintain ten ships of 700kt size for the same price as 12 ships of 120kt size.

In a real game, neither extreme is practical, and you will find yourself with a mix of hulls, most of them being medium size with some larger and some smaller.

Interlocking Economics

Facilities have maintenance costs which are unrelated to their build costs. Instead, they are related to what the facilities logically require to operate. As mentioned earlier, Mines produce metal, but require food and workers. Greenhouses produce food, but require additional energy when there is not enough sunlight. Fission power plants produce energy, but require uranium ore from the mines.

Population Support

The default population limit is quite low, but is easy to increase by building various City type facilities for people to live in. More efficient population packing naturally costs much more to build. If conditions on your colony world are deadly, your population will quickly die off unless you also build domes to protect them! If you have ruined your planet with highly polluting facilities, you may need to have a ship bring fresh batches of slaves to work in your mines before all the previous ones die off.

Scouting Importance

The naked sensor range of ships in GGmod is zero. Your ship can see the hex it is in, but no further. Basic sensor packages are available from the start, at range 1. With research into sensor tech, sensor components can be boosted up to range 5 or 6 by the end game. There are also sensor facilities available, which have twice as much range, but are of course limited to planets and take up facility space. The wise emperor will deploy a network of sensor buoys around their own space in order to make it easier for defense fleets to ferret out intruders. Meanwhile on the offense side, one should always bring many expendable scout ships; they are needed to determine the forces arrayed against you, but are quite vulnerable to attack themselves.

Quasi-Newtonian Propulsion

There is no limit to the number of engines you may place on your ships. However as the mass of your ship increases, you will require more engines to move it. A 700kt dreadnought will require 700 engine points to get 1 speed, while an 80kt scout requires only 80 engine points. The scout can move at a respectable clip with the use of six or seven small engines, but the dread will require six or seven of the largest available engines to move the same speed.

The fastest possible ships are composed of a bridge stacked on top of the biggest engine possible. Plus a supply tank and some crew to operate the engine of course. Such ships have been known to exceed speed 25, but they are of little use since they do not carry sensors weapons or armor.

  • Assault ships can usually get away with using fewer engines and thus make room to add more guns and armor.
  • Defense ships will generally need more speed in order to intercept the enemy, but will still try to carry lots of guns and armor. Fortunately they will tend to have more support from defensive emplacements and extensive sensor nets, while the enemy invaders will be mostly blind.
  • Scout ships will have a minimum of armor and weapons in order to carry a sensor package and have a maximum possible speed.
  • Interceptor ships will need to have even more speed than the scouts, but swap the sensor package for a small gun in order to kill the scouts.


Suicide Junkie created the mod.

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