Gravitational Quantum Resonator (SEIV)

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Gravitational Quantum Resonator I-V
Mass: 100 kT
Prerequisite: Stellar Manipulation III-VIII
Mineral: 60000 (I), 65000 (II), 70000 (III), 75000 (IV), 80000 (V)
Organic: 0
Radioactive: 30000
Warp opener
Range: 100-500 lightyears


The Gravitational Quantum Resonator is a stellar manipulation component used to open a new warp point in Space Empires IV. It is more commonly referred to as a "warp-opener".


To use one of these in unmodded Space Empires IV, you will need to:

  • Research Stellar Manipulation to at least Level III
  • Design a ship with a the gravitational quantum resonator on it. (The component takes up 100 kT.)
  • Build the ship. Note that this will be expensive, take a long time, and cost you a lot in maintenance.
  • Move your ship to the sector where you want your warp point to appear.
  • Ensure your ship has at least one movement point and 500 supplies available.
  • Click the "stellar manipulation" icon (or press 'b').
  • Issue the "Open warp point" order.

Note that you cannot open a warp point if

A more detailed analysis of warp-point placement in Space Empires IV can be found in the Warp point article.

Due to the high maintenance cost of stellar manipulation components, it is usually advisable to mothball any warp-openers that are going to be out of use for more than four or five turns. If it becomes necessary to start mothballing ships for economic reasons, warp-openers are usually among the first to go.

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