Game Start-up and Empire Creation (SEIV)

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Manual (SEIV)

1.1 Racial Traits
1.2 Racial Characteristics
1.3 Cultures
1.4 Hapiness Types
1.5 Planet Type and Atmosphere
1.6 AI Difficulty and Bonus
1.7 Game Mechanics
1.8 Game Setup Options


This section details information on setting up the Space Empires IV universe, and customizing your Empire before starting the game.

Getting Started Game Guide

The Getting Started Game Guide developed by Atrocities, is a PDF file detailing screenshots for new users to get the most out of setting up their Space Empires IV games.

This page may #REDIRECT [[Getting Started Game Guide for SEIV]] in the near future, so stay tuned. Visit Talk:SEWiki Project for the latest on when file uploading will be available for SEWiki.

Race Age

Race age, as listed in the Empire Setup screen, has no effect in the game. It exists purely for roleplay purposes.

Screen Resolutions

  • I sometimes switch to 1600x1200 just for the large battle replays, since tactical combat mode does use it, and even then, you can't see everything at once. PvK
  • Otherwise max is 1024x768. Ruatha

Increasing the Number of Systems

The maximum number of systems can be altered in settings.txt - but it tops out at 255.

High uses the maximum number, Medium about 50%, and Small 25% (rough figures)

The default maximum is 100. 255 will lead to much bigger and much longer games!

External Links

  • need direct link to the Atrocities Getting Started Game Guide here once file uploads are allowed on SEWiki.

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