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Game Setup Options

Technology Cost

Technology Cost. The technology progression formula used varies for each of the three levels (Low, Medium, and High). Where (LC = Level Cost) and (L = Level):
Low tech cost - LC*L
Mid tech cost - LC*(L²/2)       ------except at level 1, where the cost is simply Level Cost. (Imperator Fyron)
High tech cost - LC*(L²)
(Andres Lescano)

Value of tech trades

The Technology Progression Formula is useful when trying to calculate the value of tech trades in multi-player games.

Racial Points

In the Game Setup --> Player Settings screen, the Racial Points for New Players setting must match (or exceed) the amount of racial points used to create a player empire file. For example, if you created a empire race using 5000 racial points, you can only use them in a game which has 5000 point setting enabled.

Adding players

In Players-screen. Use the "Add Existing" option to select existing AI or player races for your game. Remember to select Edit and select "Controlled by Computer" for AI races, and "Controlled by Player" for player races! (Stone Mill)

Generating AI players

AI Players. If you don't choose an existing player and mark it as "Controlled by Computer" you can select the "Generate random computer controlled empires" option and choose "Number of computer players", Low, Medium or High. (Ruatha)

Q: Can I generate a game where I decide who the computer players are?

Q: Can I generate a game where I decide who the computer players are? And if so how?
A(Atrocities): Yes. After starting SEIV,
a. Select NEW GAME
b. Click on the PLAYER SETTINGS tab.
c. At the bottom of this page choose the Racial Points for New Players. (2000, 3000, or 5000) *I like to play with 5000 Racial Points.*
d. Click on the PLAYERS tab (In this section you can either choose ADD EXSISTING or ADD NEW. The Existing Players are AI opponents that have already been set up and saved for use with new games. Add Player will allow you to set up a race the way you want.) NOTE: Most new Ship sets come with Emp. Files that you can copy from the race directory to the Empires Folder. This will give you access to that race without having to manually set it up.
e. Click on the ADD NEW tab. Under GENERAL DETAILS tab you can choose the race you want. Additionally, you can give it an empire name, empire type, Emperor title, Emperor Name, choose a design name file, (For use with ship design names). NOTE: If your new player is going to be computer controlled, then you will want to select both the Computer Controlled, and Use Race Minister Style option at the bottom of the General Details page.
f. Under the ENVIRONMENT tab you can select the atmosphere for the race, and the home planet type.
g. Under the CULTURE tab you can select the culture for the race. (At the bottom of the page is a button for COMPARE CULTURE MODIFIERS. Click that to compare the advantages and disadvantages for each culture.)
h. Under the CHARACTERISTICS tab you can either increase or decrease values for the player.
i. Under the ADVANCED TRAITS tab you can select advanced traits for the player. (I often choose my advanced traits first then do the Characteristic. Remember, for each of these you use, you will use up Racial Points. You can gain more racial points by decreasing the Characteristics below a 100%, but not a good idea for playing the AI. Good idea for PBW games if it's your race.)
j. Under the DESCRIPTION tab you can fill in the information about your race, and select Demeanor, and Happiness Type.
k. After you have set up the race, click the CREATE EMPIRE button at the bottom of the page.
l. Select the empire you just created from the Players in Game window, and then click Save to File.
m. Click no for save with designs
n. Click NEW EMPIRE, name it, and then click OK. You will have just saved that empire to the Empire Folder and it can now be accessed whenever you want to use it for a game. After you have added your new races, start playing the game. Before you do though, make sure all of your game settings are to your liking. Have fun, and I hope this has helped.

Maximum number of neutral empires

The maximum number of neutral empires in game setup is hard-coded at 5. This is expected to be fixed in the next patch to follow the line in settings.txt. This is fixed in the 1.91 patch.

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