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Victory conditions

Victory conditions are "or" not "and". The first victory condition reached will end the game. The only exception is the time limit at which victory conditions will take effect. (Grandpa Kim)

Launching units in Simultaneous games

In Simultaneous games, you can't launch units in increments; it is all or nothing up to the limit of your launching capability.

Movement points in Simultaneous games

In Simultaneous games, you will lose your remaining movement points when moving into an unexplored system if you do not issue any further orders. One trick is to order your ships to warp into the system, then order them to move into a sector near the middle of the target unexplored system. The ships will warp through, then happily proceed to move to whatever sector you managed to click on.

Your ship will also stop and lose movement when encountering an enemy, but this can be changed under Empire Options. See also section 5.10.

Information in the .txt files

There is a wealth of information in the .txt files which control the game. Read them to gain more insight as to how things work. One of the most important files is Settings.txt and can be found in the /data directory. Settings.txt sets most of the important parameters in the game.

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