Fleet Formations (SEIV)

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Break Formation

If all ships in a fleet break formation, they go to their individual ship orders. This may be what you want.

Alternate Formation Usage

You may want to change the default fleet formation to something other than arrowhead since this one is not very good. Wall is much better under most circumstances.

Stalled Fleet Leader

If the formation leader gets stuck by being surrounded by ships/objects and cannot move, the fleet will break formation.

General Use

Formations: good ones for general use: wall, phalanx. Also, it is generally good to break formation due to ships moving out of weapons range reducing damage per turn if they stay in formation.

Warp Point Defense

Wall and phalanx are not so good here. Better to use a more "circular" formation like spider, dome or bull. (Grandpa Kim)

Editing Formations

Unfortunately, you can't add to or change the available formations while in game. But, you can change which of these is assigned to a fleet at any time.

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