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Mod Features


  • Patrol ships : will patrol Warp points and move at random in system where they are assigned. They never join fleet.
  • Scout Ships : Improved survey/explore pattern. Never join fleet.
  • All ships can cancel their orders to intercept a target that is within one turn range.
  • Merged Resupply/Retrofit/Scrap together to avoid unnecessary move.
  • Two new class of ships : Medium Attack ship and Small Attack Ship.
  • Colonize more aggessively when in need of resource.
  • Troop transport ship will drop troop on rioting planet.


  • Create one fleet in each system with a ShipYard or with at least 8 facilities.
  • Each fleet is assigned permanently to it’s system, and will stay in range. This range depend on the AI_STATE (0-4 systems).
  • The main fleet (assigned to the homeworld system) is bigger than the other fleets.
  • Create one task force for each of the ship’s strategy. (Currently disabled beacuse of a bug with Sys_Create_Empire_Fleet_Task_Force).
  • Fleets can detach cargo transport for supply if they are faster than the fleet.
  • Fleets can detach troop transport when needed.
  • Fleets can can ask for supply or troop.
  • Ships and fleets will only attack when they are stronger than their target: This range from Peaceful race that will attack only when at least 60% stronger, to Xenophobic race that will attack when they are of equal strength or more.


  • Will use up to 15% of the resource pool. (for resource that are not low).
  • Will alway construct Spaceport when needed.
  • Will skip constructing resource facilities if it have already too much of this resource.
  • Transfer unused resource from facilities construction to ships construction.
  • Construction occur after ships orders, to respond to the needs in supply or troop of fleets.
  • Will construct mine sweeper and repair ship when needed.
  • Will construct more troop and troop transport ships to quell riot.


  • Will launch and recover fighter group.
  • Will launch drones.
  • Only if aggressive race or when at war, will AI kill it’s non-breather population.


  • AI will adjust it’s behaviour relative to the number of players in the game.


Franky007 created the mod.

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