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Facilities are structures which you build on planets that you have colonized. Certain facilities serve different purposes.

Facility Upgrades

It costs 50% (of the cost of the new facility) to upgrade a facility. (settings.txt)

Scrapping Hurts Production

Facilities undergoing upgrade still produce. Do not scrap to upgrade! Exception: you cannot upgrade a normal Spaceyard to a Temporal Spaceyard (Temporal Tech). The normal Spaceyard must be scrapped and the Temporal Spaceyard must be constructed. (Slick)

Upgrade Tip

You can upgrade a single facility at a time on a planet that has lots of the same facility. Find a planet with just one obsolete facility built. Add the Upgrade Facility X item to the build queue. Click on Fill Queue, then Save the queue with an appropriate name by clicking on Add Type. Now, go to the previous planet. Use the Fill Queue button to add the single facility upgrade order. You can naturally have "Upgrade 2 X" or "Upgrade 3 X" fill queues by finding planets with 2 or 3 facilities to upgrade, respectively. Using this method, you can upgrade large Groups of facilities in small batches, thus allowing some to be upgraded immediately and begin functioning sooner than it would take for all to be upgraded at once. (Imperator Fyron)

Facility Specifics


Spaceports are useful in your home system as you get all of your homeplanets production however for those of you who just hate the things without a spaceport in your home planet system in the unmodded game you will still recieve 25% of the planets production hey the tax man can still catch SOME smugglers right??

This can be modified in the settings.txt file on the line that says

Home System Percentage Value With No Spaceport := 25

Colony systems however produce no resources for the empire without a spaceport

Atmosphere Converters

Atmosphere Converters can be scrapped after the atmosphere is converted. See Atmospheric Modification Plant for more details.

Solar Generators

Solar Generators have increased benefits if more stars are present, x1 per star. (Ruatha) Solar Generators are only available to empires who have chosen the Crystallurgy racial trait.

Climate Control Facilities

Climate Control Facilities can be scrapped once the colony's conditions are Optimal. Multiple CCF's will speed the process. (Quikngruvn)

Note that multiple facilities stack. 2 CCF IIIs will improve conditions by 6%.

Conditions values are stored as a decimal, ranging from 0 to 1.5. CCF improve conditions on turns ending with .1 (once per game year). On turn x.1, the sum total value of the facility ability (converted to decimal by dividing by 100) is multiplied against the planet's conditions value. For example, if the planet had a conditions of 1.20 on game date x.0 and there is one CCF III (3% improvement), the conditions will be increased to 1.236 on turn x.1.

The following chart lists the numeric values associated with each level of Conditions:

Conditions Value
Deadly 0.00 - 0.29
Harsh 0.30 - 0.49
Unpleasant 0.50 - 0.99
Mild 1.00 - 1.29
Good 1.30 - 1.49
Optimal 1.50

Value Improvement Plants

Value Improvement Plants (VIP) can be scrapped once all resources are at the maximum level, which is 250%. Multiple VIP's will speed the process. You will only see improvements on turns that end in xxxx.0. It has been reported that a VIP will reduce a planet's value if it starts out >250%.

Resource Converters

BEWARE: If you have a planet on "Repeat Orders" and it has a Resource Converter, and you are playing a simultaneous game, when you give the order to convert resources, it will go into the "Repeat" queue and will be executed every turn until the order is cancelled.

Ability Stacking

When a facility has "only one per system/planet effective", it refers to the ability of the facility, not to that specific facility. Eg: A System Robotoid Factory III and a System Mineral Scanner III do not stack, because they use the same ability (to affect minerals production). (Imperator Fyron)

Ship Yards

SY II and III have higher build rates (2500 and 3000). Also, building a SY allows you to get racial SY bonuses to production, such as from Hardy Industrialists and Construction Aptitude. You do not get these bonuses without a SY on the planet. If you get no racial construction bonus (or penalty), then SY I does not alter your construction rate. All it does is allow you to build ships at that planet. (Imperator Fyron)

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