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By Slick

I made a turn checklist when I first started playing SE4 because sometimes I forgot to do some things before ending the turn. It is not intended that you do each action on each turn. Nor is it intended to be all encompassing. I added items to the list as I thought they might help me and I thought I'd share it here. Here's my checklist, use it if you like:

1st turn:

  • set up research, turn off "divide points evenly", use all points, turn on "repeat projects"
  • set up build queue
  • turn off the minister control option
  • turn on planet facility labels
  • design colonizer, spaceyard base
  • turn off option for ships to clear orders when encountering enemy

Review Log

  • if large, filter for construction, research, etc.
  • new ships
    • send new colonizers out to colonize, use right breathing population if available
    • send combat ships to meet fleets or training facilities
  • new colonies
    • set up build queues
    • spaceyard?
    • move in population
    • set up defenses
  • new technologies
    • make new designs, mark old as obsolete, don't forget about units
    • upgrade old facilities
      • check most efficient build Version (II vs. III, etc)
  • new units
    • launch or pick up in transport
  • review combat
    • if defeat, take corrective action and find out why

Check Cash Flow

  • note deficits, if any
    • adjust facility building queues
    • place queues on hold
    • use resource converter
    • mothball ships
    • scrap ships (last resort)
    • request gifts
  • if excess being wasted
    • build more spaceyards
    • build units (no maintenance)
    • build storage facilities (need some, but poor option)
    • build ships
    • use resource converter
    • give gifts to allies
  • watch out for too much income from trade. this goes away at war => deficit.

Review Research

  • adjust queue, maintain focus on goals
  • review new / captured technology and revise designs & upgrade facilities
  • don't wait too long for:
    • building minsweepers
    • cloak detection
    • medical bay
    • PD
    • training
    • intel

Review Intelligence

  • ensure adequate Counter Intelligence

Review Colonies

  • check happiness
    • build riot police, UPC, etc.
  • look for right places to build "planet wide" and "system wide" facilities.
  • upgrade facilities
  • build defenses
  • move in right breathing population or convert atmosphere

Cycle thru ships & fleets

  • adjust orders as required
    • colonize: everything: breathables, ruins, etc.
    • sentry
    • repeat orders
    • move population to right breathing planets
      • keep a few of each kind of population on transports
      • take from full planets, build up in increments: 100, 500, 1k, 2k, etc.
    • explore * use cheap ship or minesweeper if expecting mines
    • resupply
    • set up combat
    • retrofit ships
    • analyze or retrofit captured ships
    • load mines, fighters, sats, etc. & send to desired location.
    • adjust strategies
  • desirable fleet attributes
    • attack power, defense
    • mine sweeping 100 minimum
    • repair
    • construction
    • supply
    • cloak, anti-cloak scan & long range scanners
    • planet / ship capture ability
    • storage for population & extra units (not good in capture fleets)
    • training & experience
    • proper strategy

Check systems & planets

  • set up system/planet defenses
    • mines, sats, bases, WP's, fighters
  • defend warp points
  • set up waypoints
  • stellar manipulation (defensive)
    • make planets in home systems
    • add/remove storms/nebulae etc.
    • open/close warp points
  • move population to right breathing planets
  • convert atmospheres
  • colonize everything, even moons
  • happiness control = upc, riot police, ships, etc.
  • anti-cloak sensors & long range scanners
  • after building RESOURCE CONVERTER, take planet off "repeat orders"

Check Build Queues

  • look for spaceyards on "emergency build" but not building
  • judicious use of "emergency build"
  • fill planets with facilities or leave open for future facilities
  • set "move to" and use waypoint to training facility or front lines

Review Designs

  • upgrade old designs including units
    • watch out for engines, MC's, etc. on automatic upgrading
    • use retroseries for $$$ ships. 150% max change on total M+O+R
  • review enemy designs
    • adjust designs as required
    • attack large enemy fleet with 1 ship to gain all designs in fleet
  • make new designs
    • attack, defense, support, etc.
    • don't forget to set ship strategies


  • check other empire mood towards you, check trade %, check scores, treaty grid.
  • make/break treaties
  • send/request gifts
  • requests/demands


  • adjust strategies
  • adjust repair priorities
  • systems to avoid?

End turn Wrap Up

  • Idiot checks:
    • no unused research
    • do not complete CI project
    • enough resources for everything? (refits come out before income)
    • planet on emergency build and not building anything?
    • first turn of counter-intel, turn off "divide points evenly"
    • Spaceyards, Spaceports, Resupply depots, Urban pacification centers, system wide, LRS, Spy sat, nebula, etc.

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