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At the risk of stating the obvious, engines are components that give your ship movement ability. However, engines are also the storage location for the ship's supplies. Each engine gives the ship the ability to move 1 sector per turn. As Propulsion is researched, more advanced engines become available that give additional movement bonuses each turn. Combat movement speed is 1/2 the normal movement speed, rounded up. The maximum number of engines that can be installed on a ship depends on the hull size. See vehiclesize.txt data file for more information on engine limits.

Protecting your ship's engines is very important. The obvious reason is that a ship with no engines is stranded; however you still have to pay maintenance on it! Since a fleet moves at the speed of its slowest ship, engine damage to even a single ship in a fleet will slow or stop the fleet.

____________ supply usage. ____________________ losing movement, Ionic D's,

Q: What happens when you mix engine types on the same ship? A: They all act as if they are the lowest of the installed engines.

Q: How do I use an Emergency Propulsion Pod (EPP)? Q: ______________________ First, the ship must be removed from any fleet because the option to use the EPP is not available when the ship is in a fleet. The EPP should be activated before moving your ship. The EPP is activated when you select the ship, then click the "Use Component" icon, then select the EPP. Depending on the level of EPP, this will add from 1 to 5 movement points to for the turn and destroy the EPP. The EPP must be repaired with a spaceyard; a repair bay cannot repair the EPP. You can put an Emergency Propulsion Pod on a base since it can be put on "ships/bases". You can later "Use" it, but there is no way to actually get the base to move using an EPP, so don't bother.

In simultaneous games, if you are using an Emergency Propulsion Pod, "use" it before ordering the ship to move. This will ensure that you get all the bonus movement points.

Engine technology increases in a set pattern. Every 3 levels of engine technology gives you an additional movement point. Within those 3 levels, the engine is basically the same but cost goes down as level goes up. Example:________________________

Solar Sails will increase ship movement each turn. They will add to strategic and combat movement. Higher levels of Solar Sails will add from 1 to 3 movement points. Note that this bonus movement still costs supplies each turn. Solar Sails can be obtained by researching Stellar Manipulation to level I then researching Stellar Harnessing to level 4, 5 and 6.

Afterburners give Fighters the ability to increase combat movement, but afterburners do not affect fighters in strategic movement.

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