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Manual (SEV)

Empires Details

Race Details

Planet Type

There are three planet types modeled in the game. They are defined as Ice, Gas and Rock. During Empire setup, races must be configured for one planet type and this type will be the only planet that race may colonize with default starting technologies.

Optional (obsolete?) --Joe 05:32, 9 February 2009 (EST)

See the Planet Type article.

Home Planet

Government Type

See the Government Type article.

Society Type

See the Society Type article.

Racial Traits

See the Racial Traits article.

Starting Technology

Returning to the game setup method used in Space Empires III, Space Empires V allows the player to customize starting technology, adding and/or removing from technology levels to their liking. However, unlike the former, Space Empires V bases starting technology on technology points rather than tech levels, and by doing so implements a far more balanced scale for the game.


Each race in Space Empires 5 has a description field for biology, society, and history. These fields are customizable by the player when custom designed empires are created. All random computer empires and neutral races have unique histories.

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